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Revenue share advertising program launch 1 January
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Posted 1:20 AM Mon 28 December 2015

We will be awarding the member who purchases our
10,000th Bronze Ad Pack with a massive $100
and we are so close to it being purchased!

For your chance to win just purchase Bronze Ad
Packs and the winner could be you.

Just over 9 days to go until we fully launch!

Are you ready? Fund your accounts and work your
way up to 100 Bronze Ad Packs now before we launch.

Members are earning big now and will earn even
bigger once we fully launch!

$1,000 TOP REFERRAL CONTEST - We have huge
cash bonuses for our top 5 sponsors. See the 'Top
Sponsors' page on 'Members Pages' for more details
including the important rules to stop cheaters.

AD CREDITS - If you have ad credits then
make sure you use them via the 'Advertising' pages.

Our goal is to be the #1 Rev Share for 2016 and you
are with us right at the beginning

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Posted 12:36 PM Tue 12 January 2016

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