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Helping Others Create Success Today - MyFunLife
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Posted 1:34 AM Mon 16 September 2013

You have probably heard about My Fun Life and you are wondering what the company is all about or how it can be beneficial to you, as a Member. My Fun Life is a unique company that aims at helping its Members have FUN and more importantly, enjoy their lives. Of course, this type of achievement requires a lot of dedication and this is why the company has positioned itself in the largest markets, utilized the newest technology and finally, capitalized on the newest trends in the market. To start with, this company offers a wide variety of products that suit the specific lifestyle of its Members, their family and the entire world.

Member Benefits, by being a paid member you will be eligible for the following!

•With NO RECRUITING required, earn up to $4665 per month.

•RECRUITERS Will Get Up-to 50% check match on your personal recruits, starting with just 3 sign ups! And Coded bonuses, 4th sign up and beyond, up to $10 per sign up in your team to infinity!

•Open in 45 countries day one!

•Cost $21 per month

My Fun Life will soon become a leading company all over the world, thanks to the role of internet marketing, mobile technology and the power of oral advertising. Based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, this privately owned company boasts of excellent marketing for its active Members scattered all over the fifty U.S. states and also, at the international level.

Best Regards

Scott Edwards