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Headline - Thousands Of Viewers In 18 Seconds...
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Posted 5:32 PM Sat 29 May 2010

Headline - Thousands Of Viewers In 18 Seconds...


How would you like hundreds, if not thousands of page views by the time you finish reading this email?

You couldn't imagine that yesterday but now there is Sweeva!

It's a brand new program that can send hundreds if not thousands of viewers to your site in a matter of minutes and it's completely free to use.

This is brand new, it's something you have never seen before!

Join now and experience 'social browsing'...

Yours truly,

alex alaska p

P.S. You may be thinking, this is nothing new just another re-hashed web advertising site, believe me, you have NEVER seen anything like this before. Join now before the rest of the internet catches on...

sweeva squidoo lens here:

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Posted 10:01 PM Wed 21 July 2010


When it's's for me. Thanks! always open to NEW advertising!