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Posted 9:38 PM Fri 24 July 2020

Ladies and Gentleman, I have a simple work from home opportunity. I also created a video training to show you. It is an affiliate program where you promote silver. Silver is a precious metal that can be used as a hedge against inflation.

You have three steps to complete

Step 1: View my entire 30 minute created training video:

Step 2: Sign up for my affiliate link: the videos on this page. After that click Get Started. Then click Wealth ambassador.Then there will be a form to fill out.Fill out the form. Then choose between coins or challenge program.Since you said you are out of work. It would be best for you to choose 1 coin which is 1 ounce with the $9.97 Ambassador programI'm trying to help you out so that you can start building wealth.Once you completed everything, you will be taken to your back office which is a dashboard.At the top right you will see your 6 digit ID number with your name. You need your six digit ID number to log back in.Next on the left side you will see tabs. IT will have tools and training and everything you need about the platform.Next, I need you to go to Business, then Replicated Site, then Personal Website, then copy the link where it says "Your Primary Quick Silver Site".

That Primary Quick Silver Site link is your own affiliate link. You can promote that link to anyone.Once you accumulate enough commissions to where you want to withdraw. Go to Business, then to commissions, then to withdraw funds, then select payment method. Make sure to read the FAQ first.Once you sign up and everything.

There is a Facebook group for Quick Silver Group go here: you can type in Facebook search bar: Quick Silver Global

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