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Get Precious Metals and Earn
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Posted 11:27 AM Sun 4 April 2021

Get Real Gold and Silver and Earn $500, $1,000 and even $3,500/week.

We are looking to expand our team. Motivated and enthusiast Team leaders welcome to join us.

1. Invest

Gold and Silver are precious metals and some of the best asset classes to protect people from inflation. Reason to start invest in Sound Money: Hedge against potential economic collapse, Wealth accumulation and protection, Portfolio diversification.

2. Earn with Compensation Plan

Binary system. Start with 2 direct downline to earn up to $500/week as Associate. Rank up to Presidential Gold to qualify to earn up to $12,500/week. You don’t need many direct downlines, instead focus on building the team. When your team rank up, you also rank up.

We’re in a big team and expanding to build a global team.

Come and join us.

Due to the nature of the placement to be done manually, please email me if you are interested to join.

7K Metals Website

Compensation Plan

Contact me:

Rusmin Sim



Bonus: Marketing system to help promote.