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Social network MLM
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Posted 1:05 PM Mon 3 January 2011

Would you like to ad more to what you are currently doing? Do you already have a large downline and a great team? This is the best opportunity available. If you have read around MLMSocial you would know that there are plans for this site to turn mlm itself. I think this is a great move! Why not take a site dedicated to supporting network marketing and make it an opportunity? When this happens I am on board. However, it is not ready yet apparently, but this is not the only place you can find an opportunity like this. A new site will be launched THIS month which offers the combination of a social network with a mlm opportunity. I do not see the downfall to this idea. It is inexpensive to get started and has an inexpensive monthly subscription. Everyone needs to get involved in this on its initial launch (expected Jan. 10). The reason I even know about this already is b/c I know the creator of the site. He has offered me a top spot and obviously anyone who joins right when it launches on my team will be as close to the top as you can get. There is only growth from that point. Contact me for any information. I don't have all of the info. yet, but I can provide quite a bit (distributor cost, monthly subscription cost). I look forward to talking to everyone and anyone interested. This is going to be awesome.