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Synergy Coaching Program
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Joined: 11 year(s) ago
Posted 8:03 PM Tue 29 December 2009

Synergy Coaching Program

Ever since i joined this program i was getting to love it more and more every day that i went to it. i was treated like a part of the family instead of just another number out there. i joined and had a free

30 day trial and i got my first person in and got paid for that . I thought that was cool i made 23.50 for bringing in one person into the program and not very often you get paid for bringing in one person fro a business. This business has some really nice people in it that stand behind one another and help each other when they need it. They also talk to people that you bring inj if you have troubles doing it as i did . . As time progressed i got to where i progressed a little more because of the knowledge that they have taught me in the business. I learned how to do blogs and how to get my ads noticed and get on top of google. If you join too i hope you will find the synergy coaching program as awesome and trusting as i do .

to your success

Clyde Kooy

skype id:clyde.kooy