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Signature Marketing- This DOES Work!
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Posted 2:36 PM Mon 10 January 2011

I am pleased to share a new business
building tool that I believe will impress you. Take a look at my new
email signature, this innovative and cost-effective (only 30 cents/day)
email branding tool is now a valuable resource to my business. Not only is it professional (no more 10 lines of words, numbers and hyperlinks), it is interactive, allowing for instant and easy access to the most important information I am sharing with my email audience, thus increasing website visits and revenue.

In addition, this technology can also be profitable, as the optional subscriber affiliate program pays a residual 10%
commission, 5 generations deep of referrals. The service is very viral,
as email recipients see your signature, many will be so impressed, they
will want to obtain one to brand their business as well. To learn all
the details, click on the link underneath my signature and contact me
with any questions.

I have been using this just a little over a a month now and I have already gotten a party booked from a lady that saw it in an email that was forwarded to her. This is so new that not many are using it as of yet. So this is a great way to get your business out there in front of others!!

For Direct Sellers there are many companies that have some already made up all you have to do is enter your information and put the signature in your email client. There are instructions that walk you through every step of the way. This is by invite only and I am inviting YOU!!!

For just $9 per month you get 2 signatures that can be used in as many email addresses as you like and 10 mini sites!! IS YOUR BUSINESS WORTH $9 PER MONTH? If you don’t think so then you might want to reconsider!!

Click the link under my signature to check it out and get started!!

Sheri Carpenter Independent Consultant 615-578-7058 Signature powered by: Get yours today!