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You're Going to Love This One
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Posted 10:05 PM Thu 17 February 2011

QSave is entering into a exclusive partnership with a 12 year old debt free company operating in 49 countries around the world to launch the first ever true wholesale products and services ever introduced to network marketing both online and offline.

Coming in February, 100s and 100s products daily, at wholesale prices. Items that you would get at Cosco, Walmart, Vitamin World or GNC, at 4 TIMES the price, then what you will pay at QSave. IMAGINE, getting $70 worth of restaurant gift cards, for $9 bucks IMAGINE, getting $225 worth of FREE gas, PLUS a free $100 gift card to your choice, Walmart, Mcdonalds, Target, etc. OH, and not to mention approx 4 streams of income. FAST START BONUSES: you get 2, and make $10 dollars fast start, and $25.oo for each of your 2 month after month as a residual to cover your monthly fee. THEN everytime you get another person in your business, you make $60 BUCKS, and then when they get 2, you get another $50 bucks, and then their 2, another $50....all the way down to INFINITY!! Also, a 2x15 Matrix, where, you get spill, your upline becomes your downline!! How do you say? When you get 2 and they get 2, you cycle into your own matrix in the next available spot, spilling under your people, which also, then creates, another PROFIT CENTER for you. SO, every SINGLE time, you get 2 who get 2, you open up another profit center, AND cycle under your people into your own 2x15 matrix, and when your people do the same, it repeats itslef, just like you just did!! OH, and another GREAT thing, YOU CAN PAY YOUR MONTHLY, out of your commissions, and work off of straight profit!!Plus you get 50 FREE leads a month, autoresponder, training, social network training, and you can send your prospects to a webinar 24 hours a day. Watch The Comp Plan Now htttp:// Take A Free Tour
CONTACT ME ON SKYPE clyde.kooy2 please REF QSavers clyde cell 226 678 4812