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Think About This
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Posted 7:03 PM Sat 19 February 2011

What if the next time you stop to buy fuel for your vehicle, you have to decide between 2 different fuel pumps. Each has the same brand of fuel. The first pump has the normal price that you see everywhere. The second pump has premium fuel for the same price as the regular fuel at the first pump.

Most of us would choose the better fuel for the lower price. Now imagine, you pull up to that pump and you discover that even though this premium fuel costs the same as the regular fuel, it also does many things that normal premium fuel doesn’t do. It produces up to 1/3 less pollutants from your car, it removes harmful water that gets into every gas tank, and it keeps your tank, delivery systems, and engine clean. But that’s not all. It fights your car’s worst enemy - friction, it has a much longer shelf-life, and one more major benefit. It has a lower ignition point, which means that it starts burning sooner and has a longer, more complete burn in your engine. That gives you more horse power, better fuel mileage, and leaves much less build-up inside your engine.
All together, this fuel makes your vehicle run better, prolongs the life of your engine, gives you better gas mileage, increases horse power, reduces emissions, and saves you money right at the pump.

• Up to 1/3 less pollutants • Remove water from gas • Keeps internal parts clean • Fights friction • Longer shelf-life • Lower ignition point • Better fuel milage • Better performance • More horse power

Of course the choice is obvious, but the real question is: How many people would you tell about it?

Now think about this. What if you were paid for everyone you told about it?

That is the idea behind the Syntek Global Opportunity.