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Educate Your Self
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Posted 4:51 AM Sun 20 February 2011

Hi to everyone who is reading this.

I am here to help Networkers become successful no matter what company they are working with, and for free.

I'm not out to pitch you because neither one of us are prospects for one another. I just want to pay it forward and help, if help is needed.

Would it be OK if I shared a free E-Book with you, I found? You see, I found this book that explains why people do the things they do and if you deal with people in your business; I am sure you will enjoy the explanation in this book.

There is no cost to get the E-Book or any of our trainings. So if you're spending money to learn how to Network or how to Market, my biggest advice to you is to stop, and put your wallet in the freezer.

You can get the same and better training for free.

If you would like me to send you the link to the E-Book, just let me know. I would also be honoured if you wanted to become friends.

To Your Success,

Helen Peart