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New 3x3 on the horizon the offers a Bulk Email
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Posted 5:09 PM Tue 12 April 2011

Turn $15.00 Into $710 with Only 5 referrals !!

How it works is you join and pay each person in the matrix totaling $10
and you get put in level 3. Then you signup 5 people and get paid $2 each giving you $10 and moving you up to
level 2 and when your 2nd level referrals signup 5 people each that will
give you 25 people who pay you $3 each giving you $75 and moving your name to level 1
Then those 25 people sign 5 people each then there will be 125 people paying you
$5 each giving you $625. WOW and that's just off signing up 5 people

See each person who joins is serious about making money or they would not have paid the $10 to join
Also $15 is a low investment so it is easy to get people to join
This is the only program out there that will pay you for all levels
Giving you a very fast return on your money, just signup 5 people and get back your investment
Also there is no limit on how many people you can signup !!

Turn $15.00 Into $710 with Only 5 referrals !! Get Paid Today...