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Review on ClixSense - Advertising That Pay$
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Joined: 10 year(s) ago
Posted 2:42 PM Mon 18 April 2011
This is an action money alert! Follow these instructions to the letter for success. 1. Click here to join Clix-Sense. 2. Log in and take the $2.50 upgrade for premium. 3. Click 40 ads the maximum allowed per day at premium membership. This will give you $1.60 per day earnings without any referrals. You get paid $0.04 cents per click as a premium member which is why it's vital you follow the instructions completely. $1.60 per day x 30 days = $48.00. You are allowed up to 100 direct referrals at premium membership. 100 direct referrals clicking 40 ads you earn $0.02 per their clicks. This gives you an additional $80.00 per month. So for only $2.50 and with a little work getting referrals (the easy part), clicking your 40 ads per day, you can make up to $128.00 per month. Not bad for $2.50. Now the cool part is that when you reach $150.00 (less than two months with 100 referrals) you request payout. They pay you half, you upgrade to the next membership and then they pay you the balance. In this way, everyone is assured to move up the ladder and earn even more money each month. Since everyone you refer who follows this plan, will really want to be active because they will see their earnings grow every day. Take action now and you will have money earned within 10 minutes of reading this. This has been an Action Money Alert. Join today!
Have a profitable week! Hans R.Brand