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Posted at 4:54 PM on Tue 11 January 2011
1. When we were young, the hottest marketing (advertising) was Burma Shave Signs! Anyone remember those?
2. When in college, Direct Mail was getting very hot. Now, in our opinion, it is a waste of paper and postage! But, there was no INTERNET then!
3. In business, we started sending VCR tapes to interested potential customers. Then, thank heavens, the CD was invented.
4. Then, email was invented and is still here and doing things right, it still can be effective.
5. Then, the Internet came along, around the world, with search engines, which Google and others have turned into a fortune!
6. Then Social Networking along with additional communication tools like Twitter, SoKule and more! (Pepsi even cancelled their Super Bowl advertising to do more Social Networking).
Summary: Change is constant and marketers must keep on top of it!
Posted at 10:18 AM on Sun 13 February 2011
Our personal approach, with success we are pleased with, is to join MANY Social Networks, making friends and then connecting elsewhere as well. You will notice that we have connected on multiple networks with many of you. You can visit our profile and find other places to link with us, if we have missed you somewhere!

First, you can never have too many contacts. Second, the more you interact and communicate, the better (hopefully) your relationship becomes. "We are serious students and serious in the practice of "Relationship Marketing"
Posted at 10:23 AM on Sun 13 February 2011
"Social Networking" is a great way to "Relationship Market" getting to know new people better and better to build credibility. We have friends here who can testify to our efforts; we are connected many places! If we were fake, our friends have many ways to tell people that.

Who do you like doing business with? "People you know the best and have known for longer, right?"
Posted at 10:26 AM on Sun 13 February 2011
Another huge benefit of "Social Networking" is that it is one of the most "cost effective" methods of marketing and advertising today.

Combine that with the "relationship marketing interaction" possible, and it is a GREAT way to build your business!
Posted at 3:35 AM on Sun 20 February 2011
I agree with everything that you have said about social marketing. It is the most effective way to build a business today.

It is also very important for us to be looking for the next trend that will dominate our industry. Some examples of possible future trends maybe SMS, video is hot now, video email appears to be gaining momentum. It could be any of a dozen different marketing methods. The point is to be aware, as you stated, it is constantly changing,

Allen Daniels