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Liina Kurvits (leader)
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Group NameSynkronice and Spinglo
DescriptionThe future, looking on the Internet, is not in ten or twenty years. It could be as little as one year, or even six months, and Syncronice is prepared for the future being at hand. The business concept of Syncronice is not only to be a part, but to be the standard bearer of the evolution online!

Synkronice is a UK based company operating in two areas, network marketing and investments. The investment component is completely unique. There is no capital in the form of money invested, but we will offer our member base to new concepts, in exchange for part of the current concepts. Earnings from this part, will be distributed to our members. The advantage is that everyone can join, the only cost that occurs is the membership fee. And we can invest in an unlimited number of concepts at the same time.
Category Managing Your Business