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John Wann (leader)
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Group NameNetwork Marketing MasterMind Group
DescriptionWe'll train you to build BIG in Network Marketing with Any MLM Company.

FREE! Saturday at 9 pm Eastern, reps from 20-30 MLM companies participate in 1-hour trainings on:

"The Power of the List": The fact is, MLM companies come & go. So don't build ANY company's customer list. Learn to build your OWN list of raving fans. That way, you'll have security, in case anything bad happens with your company.

"The 5 Pillars:" Learn how to quickly & thoroughly evaluate ANY business opportunity so you don't invest a lot of time & money in a big loser. Critical information.

"Color To Success": Learn all the techniques necessary to spot a person's personality type within 1-2 minutes on the phone, present the way THEY want you to, and actually build a relationship on the phone! This training also available on CD at

"How To Evaluate & Compare MLM Compensation Plans": You'll learn the differences between compensation plans, what type of distributor behavior each comp plan drives, why certain personality types have better success with certain compensation plans & much more.

Napoleon Hill interviewed 500 of the "richest" people in the world when he wrote, "Think and Grow Rich". All 500 had ONE thing in common: Every one of them worked with a "Mastermind" group.

FREE! Saturday (10:30 pm Eastern) "Mastermind Call":
Category MLM Training/Leadership