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Group NameViralAdsPro - 2x16 Matrix
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Hey guys,

I have just ran into this little gem, and wanted to share it with you..

This is a brand new 2x16 forced matrix system, where like it states, you have the potential to earn residual commissions right down to 16 levels, twice!

To be a part of this great system, it costs a one off fee of only $7.50! Pennies in the grand scheme of things. With that fee you then get to advertise any other programs or systems you are pushing, every day for no extra cost. So, you can post up to
10 text and/or html ads every day, or if you want to set up a highly effective solo ad, they are just $5. Trust me, Iv sent out a few solos myself, and the minimum amount of clicks I have received was 67!

Im already receiving large amounts of traffic for another system I am advertising in there. Its pretty impressive :)

So, join now and have a play around with it, but definitely get round to paying the one off $7.50 to get in on the matrix system.
Take it from me, you'll have no problem promoting this one. ListJoe and Myfreesolos are what works well for me :)

Many thanks for your time..
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