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Posted at 7:34 AM on Mon 21 February 2011
Hi there and welcome to the MLM Social Service Health Check.

Even though the name of this group was meant to be somewhat of a joke, the idea behind it is very serious.
Most people fail to create success in their MLM business. And most people don't know why.

As a first check to see whether you are on the right track find the answers to these questions:
1. How big does my team need to be, to ensure me a 10,000 dollar (euro, krone, etc) a month walk away, residual income?

2. What do I get if I were to invest 500 Dollars in my business at the start up? In other words; if I get the starter pack and product for 500 dollars, is it really word that money? Would I have paid that kind of money, if there wasn't a money making opportunity attached to it.

If you have your answers, send them to Rutger Diergaarde and he'll contact you about them.

To good health,

Posted at 9:17 AM on Mon 21 February 2011
The first question has all to do with your MLM Metabolic Rate, as I like to call it.
There are company that will pay you 5% commission and others that'll pay 50%. There are companies that have clauses that tell you you have to stay active and there are those that do not have them. There are companies where you need 3000 - 4000 members in your down-line to be able to make a "walk away" residual income and there are others where 300 - 400 people in your down.line are enough.
What is your company like?

The answers to these questions may result very important in becoming or not becoming successful in this industry.
Posted at 9:22 AM on Mon 21 February 2011
The second question is about the worst cancer this industry has, scams.
If the answer to that questions is that you haven't received real products (Real products are things you can hold, or eat, or in some other form use. Real products in this case are not "informational products". They aren't worth what ever money you payed for. The same information you might as well have taken of the internet for free.) for your money, better get out. This might very well be a scam.