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Posted at 12:21 PM on Thu 21 April 2011
This is a story of how the mlm internet marketing industry changed or rather, is changing.

Have a look at the big guru's in MLM internet marketing. How did they become so big?
I don't have any facts, but my main guess is, they were there at the right time, doing the right things.
I their case, retail selling their own courses on how to become successful in Network Marketing and funneling these people eventually into their down-line.

The idea is simple. Sell information, even if people don't sign up in your primary opportunity, you still earn money on them.
So, thousands of people copied their steps, after reading these courses and......, nothing.

For most people, it didn't work.
They just were too late. The void of information was already filled.
People that tried to mimic the guru's were just seen as wannabees.

So, what to do than?

Have you taken a good look already at what is really BIG on the net? What are the programs and services most used?
Do the names, Facebook, Google, Youtube, MySpace, Twitter, etc. ring a bell?

Now, what do all of them have in common?

Right, the are free to use by everybody. These companies offer their services for free.

This is where the problem lies for the BIG guru's in this moment.
All the information and tools you need to succeed in Network Marketing are out there.
Ok, you usually still need to gather it from several places, but it's there, and for FREE.

Would you agree with me that the most important thing to build a successful business is to build a big list of prospects?
That's exactly what the gurus have always done.
Building their lists and telling people in expensive courses how they can do it.

Well, now you can do it as well and that for free and all in one place.

The best, easiest and cheapest way to start is by signing up for this free list building tool I've been using myself, very successfully.

This program unites all the tools you need to build your list and promote your business and you get them for nothing.
Tools that would cost you around a $100, if you had to get them by yourself, from several places over the net.

And you know what? Even as a free member you can earn money with it as well.
Just like the big, heavy hitter make money on their courses and it doesn't matter for them if you enter in their primary business or not, you now have the chance to earn money on building your list as well.

As the MLM Internet Marketing world is getting smaller and smaller, with more information to be found by anyone who is willing to look for it, the expensive courses and trainings will start to disapear. Their place will be taken by free systems. These sytems are, because they're free, highly duplicable. (duplicatable) ;-)

Personally, I upgraded inmediately to the highest pay level, as it simply gives you the highest earning chances.
The $30 investment a month, I made back within the first to weeks of starting.

And as I am only a part timer in MLM, I am sure you can do even better, than I did.


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