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About The Secret Formula

The Secret Formula is written as a "text book" for the industry, to explain it clearly and debunk the myths and overcome many of the prejudices the industry faces making it fully accepted as a legitimate and ethical way of doing business.

It is the ultimate rebuttal to critics who do not understand the way the business works or who suspect the motives of those who are engaged in the business.

What it Offers

For a one off payment of only $19 The Secret Formula gives you : Education and Motivation... a Lead Generating Tool... and another Income Stream. You get paid for teaching people about MLM.

There are other lead generation and training sites, which by way of comparison charge ongoing subscriptions of between $20-$50 a month. They provide websites, videos and training webinars to help keep you motivated in your primary business(es)

Some are highly recommended and if you need to attend weekly webinars and want audio and visual media to stimulate the senses then that is fine.

Our contention is that motivation comes from within, and once you have The Secret Formula you have all the knowledge you need to sustain your motivation regardless.

The Challenge

Network Marketing or MLM has grown over the last 30 years though it has faced significant challenges in it’s perception and how it has been done; often over-hyped to the annoyance of those being prospected.

There has been a “Gold Rush” mentality where MLMers abandon their own program to chase the “Next Big Thing” . This has led to the industry feeding upon itself, with new programs being successful at the expense of old and with fewer new people joining the industry.

The Mission

The goal is for the industry to be fully accepted and embraced by the mainstream as a legitimate wealth-creating business and for millions to benefit from it, by teaching the fundamental principles and applying ethics and integrity in all we do.

This page is for positive discussion and input about the industry. Please do post articles related to insights and training though do not SPAM your opportunity.

Let's roll this out so that it goes viral.

To download your copy please use the affiliate link of the person who invited you here.
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