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Brandon Ermini (leader)
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Group NameThe Perfect World
DescriptionAnalyze this! The concept of volume through infinity in a Binary is powerful! Yet once a Binary has run two or more years it is done, due to the fact that 90% of the members are in the inside legs and will never balance their weak leg 1/3- 2/3 so a fact is that 90% never earns a dime. Sad but true! Remember volume through infinity is true and powerful! Next, in all multi-tiered level plans or matrices the old “you’ll shoot your eye out” phrase “THE PEOPLE AT THE BOTTOM ALWAYS GETS HURT”. The average person will recruit 2.4 people. LIE! Only 2% of all programs recruit 80% of the people. So the people that participate in a program that doesn’t or can’t build of course make nothing, and that is the way it should be, or IS IT! We the “Season Veterans” in the industry with our silver tongues sale people on the dreams of getting 2 or 3 that gets 2 or 3 and they will make the big bucks! So they get all excited and throw $100 to several $100'S at a deal and make 2- 3- 10 or maybe 100 calls and get no one and then they are at the bottom of their group and again make nothing and get hurt, This is where they realize the over flow, spillover, or compression fairy is not coming to see them. We have all experienced dead leg , gaps and holes in our structures and after months to a year or so of the majority not making money, the drop rate is so huge, we and or the program crumbles, So off to the next new deal! Deal jumping, junkies and multiple deals ARE OVER! Our hybrid compensation plan has revolutionized the Network Marketing Industry! Every, want to be, to average or super star person will work this Copy Righted plan. These are the FACTS, WHY! We have taken the most powerful dynamic plan a Simple 2 X 2, corrected the flaws ( leaving people behind on the bottom, because they lack 1 or2 people to cycle, this happen to the 80%, but not anymore) and added every single positive feature from all other compensation plans that works and eliminated the feature that breeds failure! By explaining the diagram you will fully understand why we have created the perfect new Copy Righted hybrid truly self-healing, constant compression, from top to bottom, bottom to top, and from left to right and right to left through infinity, also generating a self perpetual true follow your sponsor and sponsor follow your enrollees, with guaranteed overflow, spillover, overlap and also guaranteed cycles!!
Category MLM Marketing/Advertising