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Victoria Dean (leader)
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Group NameFinancial Destination, Inc.
DescriptionThe purpose of this group is for the people in FDI to stay in touch with each other. This is my way of being able to communicate with everyone and keep everyone posted on information that is going on in FDI.

It is my intention for every one of us to feel the need to want to support in sharing information to help us stay informed on what is going and I look forward to staying in touch with each and every one of you and share in helping to make us all Millionaires in this industry.

A leader who uses his mind to reason and reflect on his and other people's judgments and opinions will help him decide and resolves conflicts and arrives at a conclusion. We find alternatives and resources to either overcome, transform or avoid the problem.

A leader leads by example through our actions and also by our words, either in writing or spoken. A good communicator also uses nonverbal messages like body language, gestures and facial expressions effectively.

An effective communicator understands and establishes the states of mind of the people that we are trying to convey our messages.

May God Bless Each and Every One of You!

Victoria Dean
Online Marketing Director
Category Managing Your Business