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Group Namepension
DescriptionGet your pension insurance paid right away!
75,000 US$
Please read carefully and imagine this simple and unique concept for your immediate pension insurance payment.
Please act fast, because this unique program is only available for a limited number of members.

- one time fee of 50 US$
- one time pay out of 75,000 US$ for persons below 67 years
- commission program for 7 level, per person 3,000 US$
- program is limited to 85,000 contracts
- VIP-member get additional prizes up to 10,000 US$
- secure yourself as many contracts of 75,000 US$ as you want
- valuable marketing tools of 1,000 US$
The Basics
Before explaining our program, let us clarify some basics. As well, we wish to make it clear from the very beginning that not every specific condition related to our program for every country can be explained here

In principle, there are three avenues from which to choose in order to be paid from a pension insurance:
1. You pay a monthly premium for your insurance. According to the expiry of the policy, you will be paid either in monthly installments or by a one-time payment. This monthly payment depends on the age of the purchaser (or the year in which the policy was purchased), and also depends on the kind of insurance it is. Every insurance company follows forms.
2. You pay a monthly contribution (premium) to your pension insurance. After a number of years, a need arises causing you to want to make a bank loan using your insurance policy as collateral. You ask your banker for this loan and the bank then takes your insurance policy as collateral and you are given the loan according to the accumulated value of your policy. For example, your policy has a face value of 300,000.00 USD. Over the years you have been paying into your policy, it has accrued a value of 10,000.00 USD. You still must continue to pay the monthly premiums and now you must pay the bank interest and principle on your loan as well.
3. You make a one-time payment of a certain percent, e.g. 30%, of the face value of your insurance policy. Then you have to wait until the end of your policy period in order to get the benefit, either a substantial monthly payment or a substantial one-time payment. This kind of policy must be started early in your life as the more the time spread between the initial purchase and the disbursement, the more value will be accrued; likewise, the less the time spread, the less the value will be accrued.

How does the program work?
We are using elements of step 2. and step 3. to develop this unique program. In order to avoid the disadvantages of 3., the one time payment of the premium requiring a lengthy waiting period before payout, and 2., having to pay interest for the mortgaging of the policy, we have put together a more advantageous plan using assistance from our direct contacts in the financial world. We have been able to make appropriate arrangements through two of the top ten banking and insurance companies. As far as we can determine, all possible problems have been resolved. Additionally, we have been able to include marketing tools.
The entire financing will be controlled by our organization and partners. You, as a member, pay a one-time fee of 50.00 USD. This enables the member to receive a payment of 75,000 USD as soon as the contract exceeds 85,000 memberships purchased. The execution will start from that point.
Please note the following:
1. You will be asked for identification documents (passport or ID-card, birth document).
2. You will also have to sign a declaration of assignment for the insurance policy.
3. You will also have to let us know where you want your 75,000 USD paid. We will pay this to whichever bank you indicate.
4. Notarized copies of the above mentioned documents have to be sent to the address we will provide you with at that time.
5.The payment to you should take place after a period of 10 - 14 days from this completion. The commission payments will be paid at the same time(see more details below).
6. In order to be qualified for the payment of 75,000 USD, you must comply with one condition: you must be 66 years of age or younger. Persons older than 66 years can qualify for payments from our commission program of up to 3,000 USD per acquired membership in their downline. Please read the details further down.

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