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Kathleen Inman (leader)
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Group NameREALITY-NETWORKERS Team Building
Description"Our Product"
Reality-Networkers is a club, not a MLM system. We offer marketing tools and resources to help our members to build a team of active networkers. All members will be given a free 14 day trial period to try out our program. Once the trial period has ended, there will be a one time administration fee of $25 to become an active member of Reality-Networkers. All active members can receive all the benefits mentioned in the group pages for life. Benefactor option is also available for those who do not have the budget to start.

There will be a one time level commission for each level completed. This level commission serves as a bonus to reward the members for a job well done.

Once the first matrix has been completed, the member will then be eligible to take their entire team out to join other online ventures.

We have helped many members since July.2004 and many of our members are already making a nice monthly income in various programs from the active team they've built within our group.
Category MLM Lead Generation