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Posted at 10:39 PM on Tue 6 August 2013
Hello to all!

Dave D. Williamson here...

... Being new to this group, I
wanted to introduce myself
and say HELLO to everyone.

A "Tib Bit" More About Me And What
I Bring To The 'Success Table' For You...

They call me "Free Dave" here
In Over 50 Social Networks here on
the Internet...

...because I've literally helped 1000's of
little guys succeed in building their
business with my 100% free live screen
shot social media training videos
at Dave D.

I'm 100% committed to helping the "little guy"
understand that people join YOU, not
your no matter what product,
service or business opportunity
you're in, it all starts with branding...

... You can have all the products, services
and business opportunities in the world
but, they'll you do NO good without learning
to properly brand yourself as a leader that
people know, like, trust...

I'm also one of the few leaders left
here on the web that helps the
struggling little guy with one-on-on
personal coaching in my Social Pro Revolution
Facebook Group WITHOUT charging
$150 to $300 per hour like other coach's.

Social Pro Revolution Group:

Have a blessed day.

Yours in helping the little guy,

Dave D. Williamson
Skype - davedwilliamson
(Please reference this conversation in your Skype contact request so that I know who you are). If you aren’t familiar with Skype, watch my Personal Skype Video Tutorial at: then simple send me a Skype contact request referencing this conversation so that I know who you are. :)