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TG Okoduwa (leader)
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DescriptionTo teach people on how to emulate the heavenly beings and to please one another in a relationship to honor our Creator and the Fathers by showing true love in spirits and blood to control the flesh and make pure love dating as the route to successful marriage with holy kisses and shower of waters from the sacred heart to nurture every relationship
To manage the weak people and direct them in their relationship with their spouse with deep sense of love and honesty according to the heavenly rules with a pure heart and passion guidance. To set up counseling courts for those who have question on love matters to help them with fair judgement and to lead young and old people in the rightful way particularly those who are in dating affairs.

To watch for single ladies and couples in order to help them to manage crises during trier times in their relationship give them idea for value added and to impact in their lives possessively without any sexual abuse in togetherness to develop dating to a successful marriage and gradually reduce sexual abuse among young people in the society and to educate them on how to keep their dating and marriage with respect to the culture of the celestial beings and in their public affairs to shy away from selfish interest and from fair weather friends and some family relations to avoid their unholy judgement that lead many relationship to crash, and to take them through a new process for protection and preservation.

Our set Goals- To coordinate,guide and beautify the ladies in this world class family in order to train and parade them for beauty contest, and community display in search of their match.
To groom new partners to build relationship with true love and fertilize the existing relationship between two couples to add more value in their human relationship and improve the moral understanding on love affairs involving two opposite sex who are in their primary and secondary levels to keep up their dating in a deserving manner and stay away from unwarranted sex in their relationship and develop the state of mind set into maturity that will enable them to know the importance of dating before engaging in their marriage life.

2.To operate actively in online internet dating site to prepare young singles to meet their choice partners and provide basic information's and access for for them to interact through online charting and phone calls for a period of time before the formal family introduction. To use the same system and create opportunity for all in the family to present their difficult cases in the open online court for hearing and fair judgement to collectively correct those who do not add value to their relationship and help to control crises in the relationship for survival.
Category Motivation