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Vision: To create gracious nation establish admonish of the Lord to reconcile men and women and to God: to speed-up the spread of the message of love and peace of the Gracious Lord in nations on earth.
Mission: To preach the fear of God to people in all nations put the laws of God in the heart of men and to serve food on the table of those who fear God and clothes the winners in the lord with white robes, with palm branches in their hands as a sign of victory over the enemy and carry the word of our Lord the Holy Spirit to every nations and reconcile the disputatious people group nations bring all together and make them one family of the Gracious Lord for prosperity healing and harvest of men and women into God kingdom to receive the new things to come in the land.
Chief Aims: To purify and refine people of God with the fountain of pure water and to preach undefiled word of God with prophetic praise teaches and prayers through the Holy Spirit to turn men and women who were of evil heart to amend their way and change from evil to good and wish their neighbors well to promote bible learning institution theology and the teaches of our fathers and to inculcate the belief of the prophets of old and existence of angels and holy god who serve under Supreme God with Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ the son of God to every member of our family.
Ministration: To teach all people the undiluted word of God through the water spirit and blood which come out of Jesus Christ the Son of God use difference tongues and belief to worship God of glory and administer message of eternal life into the congregation of God people in the ministry to guard the ministers members and to also impact material needs strengthen word of the Lord in spirit and grace into the lives of committed worshipers and help the young believers to acquire leadership skills western education and to provide for the poor older people children youths orphans the sick widows and widowers who could not cater for themselves to have their standard living learning and enjoyed heady life and to build strong family of God in nations of the world.
Community: Our team of ambassadors’ and messengers will form enviable family in each community and town in all nations where they are welcome to serve their daily humanitarian care guard to create an atmosphere of graciousness and of understanding and harmony among the community populist for the reconciliation and building of old wasted bridges in the land with immeasurable care and the word of God to preach continually the true love of God that is accepted in the order of old testament and the new testament as the commandment of God which remain the only acceptable sacrifice before the Lord and His angels living among His people on earth.
Evangelism: To form high spirited and command driving teams with group of men and women youths children and professionals of different age and class who are trained on how to visit new convert and keep friendliness in the ministry and the society at large to engage them in house to house fellowship meetings and street sanitary evangelism to show spirited sanity and corporate social responsibility in communities and to make the work of God fruitful to the flesh and spirit in acceptable way and to also reach people through radio television online internet media and propel the gracious lord outreach to strengthen the local and international evangelism crusade in communities towns and villages and spread the gospel of Christ that give life and peace to quicken the establishment of admonishment of God all over the earth.
Minister Role: To give fair judgment to the people all over nations on earth and to weaken the strength of the wicked to bring down low their powers in which they oppress the poor and needy appoint heads of ministry and raise worthy ambassadors for the mission and to give them intensive training and water baptism with Holy Spirit and fire of God to give power and authority of the Lord to stop the devils that the ministers of God shall take charge and be able to set the afflicted people free and teach deliverance through the word of God with knowledge of truth and understanding of Jesus Christ to fiscally spiritually design the good and evil spirit and to send the refined and appointed messengers for local and international missionary mission to harvest seed of men and women into the family of God and build in the new created nation of the Gracious Lord in all nations.
Partnership: To partner with people of integrity who know the important of serving God and the benefit of going into fruitful partnership with God for relationship soul winning reciprocal honor promotion and recognition and to enter into eternal life with all their substance and to reach agreement with heads of the ministry in prayers praise worship ministration and spread of the word of God in different countries and support ministry projects administrative section and provide for the needs of the poor.
Donation: We are glad to welcome and appreciate all donors coming from the corporate organizations and individual business men and women philanthropists NGOs governments local and international donors ministries people who are kind enough to donate graciously no matter how small and big their contributions may be to strengthen the reconciliation mission and care of the poor and needing will be receive with thanks and honor of the gracious Lord.
Ministry Statement: The Gracious Lord family Ministry is an interdenominational ministry and not just a church but a prophetic assembly for the family of God people on earth we strongly believe that God the creator is one and Father of all believers men and women we operate with the Holy Spirit through the foundation of our lord Jesus Christ the God of Water Spirit and Blood to teach the true sound doctrine of reconciliation love peace in the Holy Spirit to all people in the nations and teach people how to pray for the mercy of God and for the forgiveness of sin in order to obtain mercy from God and its blesses which make the faces of mankind shine forever to inquire from God first in all things and put away the practice of plundering and treacherousness and to put Gods laws that will help to keep mankind out of wicked practices and to help them out of troubles time and ensure that all people in all nations have access to receiving the world that change lives for good, through online internet evangelism and the gracious lord outreach and teaching of the world of life at the altar of the Lord in communities of all nations.
WHO WE ARE: At GLFM our main focus and primary responsibility is to meet with new people and show them that we care and walk close to look deep into their immediate needs and give our support through the help of men and women in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and reconcile homes people organization governments who are at war with one another and also provide for the helpless and homeless people we graciously work with new converts to rebuild the old waist bridges also give material things and the word of the Lord to them that place value for our missionary mission.
Testimony: The Gracious Lord Family Ministry has come to serve as nation builders that came from the Supreme Being and has changed lives meet the needs of people in all nations the GLFM is working with the Holy Spirit to reconcile men and women and to God. It’s our believe that Jesus Christ the son of God and the holy lord of host has a solid foundation of peace and the established of reconciliation mission on earth and appointed ambassadors to head His ministry of reconciliation and to carry out spiritual and physical follow up in all the sprung branch-out and the head of the ambassadors in the ministry GLFM Ambassador ThankGod O. Okoduwa has carefully used our ministry mandate to demonstrate Christ like ministry and traced the steps of Jesus Christ in meeting the purpose of the Lord ministry on earth and has also gracefully and graciously build on the foundation of our Lord Jesus through the ministry mission in his daily Christ manner of reconciling men and women healing raising and appointing ambassadors in nations to bring all family on earth together for their salvation the promise of God and the new things to come these has truly placed the work of our God at the Gracious Lord Family Ministry in clearer and understanding position that aligned with the early ministry of Jesus Christ our Lord on earth.
Gracious Nations: We are the God newly created nation builders standing firmly to build in other people and nations through our daily preaching of the message of repentance light life changing words show of love and agreement to work with the repented brethrens believers distant members’ ambassadors and partners who believed in our gracious mission that will quicken the peace and reconciliation process of the ministry in the nations of the world that has begin at the Gracious Lord Family Ministry in the past years. Beloved partners you can contact His Gracious ambassador ThankGod O. Okoduwa for any help via
Founder Breif Bio: The undeniable call, enthronement and the graciously appointment of His Gracious Ambassador ThankGod Onosabortosose Okoduwa born of Omeko Okeraen Isesele Okoduwa is divinely made by the Supreme Being in the time of his birth was many signs he came to the family not only as a child but to save lives and serve people with humility. ThankGod O. Okoduwa was born at the famous saint Carmelo’s Hospital Uromi, Edo State of Nigeria where the visiting doctor an Irish Catholic Priest who carried him first from his mother said this child came at the right time and he gave thanks to God and it was told that the catholic priest also went on and said what a destiny child and looking at the child he named him ThankGod the name was accepted by the parent and eventually when he grew up he turned an instrument of peace and many called him into maters for advise and to reconcile disputatious people members of his kindred of the Okoudo Okoduwa Ejededawe from Umonoghonmon, Efandion, Uromi, in Edo State of Nigeria. The man of God ThankGod O. Okoduwa that growled to be the founder head of Ambassadors of the Gracious Lord Family Ministry at the appointed time came as a deliverer of people in his nation and nations. To reach His Gracious Amb. ThankGod O. Okoduwa for counseling and prayers please email him at

The Lord Calling: Before the time it was like in vision and dream that the Lord who was with him at the beginning came and appeared to him on countless times and the man ThankGod who was among the trained missionaries and ordained ministers and leaders of a church courageously wrote letter to his General overseer at the Destiny Builders Missionary Ministry where he was serving before the Lord speaked to him for a new assignment and the Reverend Pastor who knew his capacity in the ministry reluctantly received the letter and prayed and anointed him with oil a second time that faithful Sunday and wished him well there after he went about the new ministry of reconciliation healing and was tried for many years why in early stage of ministry at the GLFM there came to him numerous temptation from the enemy and the devils troubled him to a forth.
The Set Time: At that time he started his ministry while on his new assignment the Lord again appeared to him at his residence in Lagos State with the word of blessing the Lord saying I have blessed you more than the Cedar tree of Lebanon and He showed him a Big tree with many branches wide and tall with white and red colored flowers there after the ministry sprigged up and find a space at Prince’s Bistro event place 34, Adeaga Street off Lagos Abeokuta Express Way U’ Turn Bus Stop Abule-Egba Lagos and then his many years of wilderness started where the Messenger of God pass the test of his call by going through though time and season of learning new things.
Devine Visitation: The Lord continuing to visit him with different words and at a time He showed him light that shine more than the ordinary electricity and said again to him you shall lead many for a long journey to meet my people who are in far places for the salvation and another occasion was when the Lord came and said to Him hear me I am your God surprisingly when the man ThankGod O. Okoduwa summoned courage to ask what is your name the image standing like a man with a staff in His armpit left him three days later the lord came and voiced out His name as the God of water and blood who seat in the seventh throne in heaven and then He said to him if you will work with me and do things that will glorify my name on earth I will guard you to bring my people together who will serve with you and do what others could not do and many will be turned back to my kingdom for their salvation and peace.
The Lord Victory: To the praise and blessing of the Gracious Lord who stood by him the messenger of God ThankGod the son of Omeko Okoudo Okoduwa Ejededawe is today carrying the light of God that is made to shine on earth for many people who fear the Lord in all nations his mission is to first quicken the reconciliation of people of God that were in dispute and bring those in darkness out to receive light before the coming of the son of God for every son to reconcile with his father and daughter to reconcile with her mother and for brothers and sisters to reconcile with one and another and work together with the ambassadors of the Lord to reconcile homes nations and to build for the Lord gracious community in all the nations for a peaceful world
The Gracious Women for Holy Spirit Ministry: To choose virtuous women to receive Holy Spirit for prayers and the support of the ministry of the Lord and intimate them with the word of God for grace to serve with heads of ministry and the ministers and build understandable working relationship with other women socially spiritually and economically building net-work of gracious women organize programs women fellowship conferences to strengthen people young and old women and bring them closer to the Lord for their salvation growth and strength.
The Gracious Men for Holy Spirit Ministry: To select from the worthy committed men to serve with Holy Spirit and support ministry to take them for pillars of the ministry and watchers of fellow men in the ministry and outside the world who are yet to have commitment for the work of God the Holy Spirit and the ministry of Jesus Christ: to ensure that they render services the work of the ministry and carry other men along in their social and spiritual practices help and make others to grow spiritually economically socially and build strong net-work of gracious men organize programs men fellowship conferences to strengthen people in the ministry and wine heart of young and old men for the Lord.
The Gracious Youth for Holy Spirit Ministry: The GLFM will depend on the youth’s movement for Holy Spirit and we will have upper room ministry for the youth’s who will receive Holy Spirit to meet pray and strategize on fruitful net-work to reach and invite youths into the ministry of the Lord and the Holy Spirit design youth’s programs fellowship conference and engage them in online internet campaign of youth for Holy Spirit to reach other youths across the world winning their hearts for God and the Holy Spirit for change to and create peaceful society enhance their socially spiritually economically organize programs conferences and business seminars for growth and strength.
The Gracious Children for Holy Spirit Ministry: The strength of every family are traced to their children and the ministry of our Lord was most concerned of the strength of children hence we at the Gracious Lord Family Ministry will go for the mission with the children ministry to raise more children who are feel with Holy Spirit and fire of God for prayers of reconciliation peace love and prosperity of the people in the world at large and organize series programme for the children fellowship and conferences to bring them together as prayer warriors future ministers and leaders in the kingdom of God and the nations.

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