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TG Okoduwa (leader)
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DescriptionVision- To carry on group public enlightenment campaign against terrorism, gangsterism, inter-tribal conflict, violent in the institutions, political tugs and financial embezzlement round the countries of African nations.

Mission- To resist criminal acts and rise against eveil rising in the region to offer agreement prayers of sacrifice to God of our Fathers in the land, and plead for mercy before the almighty God the creator, and make inquiries on how to stop the menace and up root the evil root that is widely spread all over the region and in other part of the world. In order to give salvation to the people in our land.

Aims And Objective- To control the rampage killings of innocent children, youths,adults and the distractions of live and properties, put away the practice of strength religion in the continent and to go back to the old ways of worship through our norms culture and tradition, be it in the churches and mus ques etc. To hold on to the community crusade to create awareness and for both mothers and fathers to go on stack necked in every clan to call for the spirit of our ancestors to help sweep away the wickedness and impurity among the citizens that promote the barbaric act and to cleans those that were filthy which receive money to commit the unholy practices that is on the rampage in today wold To plead for God intervention and avenge to free the poor and the entire people in the society from been harm or send to early grave-by the increasingly blast and spirea shootings in the continent of Africa to come up with new strategies with synergism movement to build the Africa of the new generation age.

Set Goals-To ensure that all parence imbibe in the culture of keeping watch for one another home to collectively teach children well behavior in different neigbhorhood and provide useful information to the relevant security agencies that will enable them to serve better and flush out the agents of these evil network in the society in order to create an atmostphere peacable for citizens and the visitor and encourage our youths to develop their skill and improve learning and to fastrack their educational careers in the region.
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