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TG Okoduwa (leader)
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DescriptionAIMS AND OBJECTIVE- To introduce well organized Dance Nigerian Annual Cup Competition Convention and Tour in the six Geo-political zones from the organized private sector to boost tourism potentials of our nation.To organized annual national and regional league to discover new talent in Nigeria and environs bring together all Nigerian dances under one umbrella shielding all forms of dances in the world for sustainability and development in the nation.

To use dance cultures as a connecting rod holding the entire nation together as one united people building on the foundation lay by our past heroes for national unity peace accord and wealth creation for tourism development drive that would boost our economic.

The Federation Dance Nigerian shall organized annual dance cup competion, convention tour symposium to discover new tilents in Nigeria and bring together all Nigerian dance under one umbrella shielding all forms of dance in the world CID UNESCO in order to strengthen the Nigerian dance with new idea on how to Educate our home base artistes with information on today dance its technical languege and practical experience and theoritical contribution to proffessional development.

Our set Goals- To organize local league in Nigeria and take the Nigeria dance from the grass root level to states regional and to the national for individual local and international businessmen and to reach out to school children in all part of the state country to give them intensive teaching to gain more knowledge on our dance and influence them to CID and Dance World Cup Canada in order to make them icons in the industry.

To form a formidable CID UNESCO national and regional in Nigeria to ensure that the business of dance in Nigeria operate with in the standard set up by the CID headquarters France president office secretariat Athens Greece.

Federation Dance Nigerian (FDN) passionately desire and determind to resoursfully drive on the cultural materialss in the different region in Nigeria to resoursinate the community dance of our people for protection preservation and value added to empower children, youths, adults, and senior to esplore in their career and improve the development of their skills in in order to promote our home base cultural heritage and identity of our people to boost the already peaceful co-existence in the different region and stengthen national unity for development of our natural resourcess and tourism etc.

partner with government dance schools corporate organizations, and individual to move with synergism that will propel the growing of our dance industries which would boost the economic through arts, culture tourism business in Nigeria, Africa and the world in general.

be the first dance industry organization to bring together all Nigerian dance practitioners from the grass root for national and international dance competition, convention and Tour in Nigeria, African, Americans Asian,and to the European countries.

Identify who is who in Nigerian dance in order to raise icons among the dance practitioners in Nigeria.

Present the Nigerian dance spectrum at local and international competition on dance and in all CID UNESCO Event.

Show case the ancient dance history of our people for Tourism attraction to the world at large.

Discover new talents in Nigerian dance and to bring together all Nigerian dance cultures under one umbrella shielding all form of dances in the world CID headquarters France, President office secretariat Athens Greece. In order to strengthen Nigerian dance and expose the dancers to other countries in the world during annual dance world cup Canada and world congress on dance research Athens Greece CID- UNESCO event.

To stimulate Nigerian dances and develop the skill of theater artistes to suit international standard.

Resuscitate rejuvenate and review our folklore dances for preservation and value added.

Prepare and market our home base theater artists during each competition at national and international engagement for possible contract.

Entertain people on occasion in order to attract wider audience with our Nigeria dance at cinema theater and other public resort.

Promote our indigenous dance and the artistes at the local and international level.

Groom the local dancers student after auditioning and training for their professional careers at home and abroad.

Represent council international dance CID UNESCO as facilitator and vehicle to convey Nigerian dance cultures to the annual world competitions on dance in Canada, Europe and other part of the world.

Bring together families on each occasion to enjoy the full brass with their family members in a world class theater, hotels, and town hall.

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