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Motto: Faithful And Justice, Truth, Unity, Peace For Progress.

Whereas it has been deemed expedient for all Nigerian’s and African citizens hereafter referred to as Africans to give Justice for truth, to promote national and sub regional Unity for Peace and Progress in the interest of Nigerian and African citizens. We the members of Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards of Nigeria hereby resolve to draft this constitution to guide us in the running of the Prevention Service Watch Guards as Community intervention squad, a Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards.

“(SPSAWG)” Nigerian an institution, a non- governmental organization with the aim to avert crime act and educate people in every community and neighborhood on Peace and Unity matters in supernatural way with Africa mythical powers, knowledge of ancient world and the modern information technology, will first inculcate the fear of God in individual through the world and culture of our people. And engage members of our clan in the community on the business of Prevention Service watcher, and provide them with materials to serve as irresistible guards and neighborhood watcher in the communities of all local government within the States and Countries to protect lives and properties in the different neighborhood and ethnic groups, and watch on the whole members of our communities from the grass root free from vices and continuous nightmares.
The Special Service African Watch Guards is an arm of the Supreme Being and would be referred to as Social Conscience Democratic Prevention Watch Institution and shall be known and called as Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards (SPSAWG) which body shall include its successor. All documents, assets and liabilities shall automatically be deemed transferred to and inherited by the new body which may replace the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards if for any reason the name is changed. The Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards (SPSAWG) shall be Nigerian, African, cultural, social-security, community intervention squad, election observer, religious, anti-terrorist and Non-sectarian.
“SPSAWG” Nigerian came at a time when it was most needed and necessary and shall serve for the purpose as it was purposed by the Supreme Being from the beginning in other to provide permanent solution for human safety, protect lives and properties keep all in the community neighborhood save from the nightmare caused by the lawless who terrorize those in the local authorities and oppress the common citizens.
To ensure freedom in the society with maximum Prevention to protect lives and properties, values and preserve, protect culture, beliefs and religion in Nigeria and African countries, to create awareness for every member in the country, organizations, groups to have the freedom of worship with equal right and justice for truth, that will promote the four-some activity for progress in order to give aide for the poor and needy. To make African democracy a true democratic system that will strengthen security partnership at community neighborhood in Nigeria.

The motto of the Prevention Service Guards shall be Justice for truth and to promote National, Sub-Regional Unity for Peace and Progress.
The Slogan- shall be Supreme Being is Power, the power of God is my strength (Fear God and Live).
To form Nigerian, African’s Nation revolutionary Prevention Service Watch Guard, to operate with special staff, sword, dog, thunder, Intelligence Personnel, ICT and broom, to combat and control terrorism, kidnap*ing, frauds, religious and ethnic cold war, violence in the campus and political crisis etc.
To be the first intelligence Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards agency that will create a safe atmosphere for all people in the society, ethnic groups, and organization in Nigeria and Africa. And to keep Prevention Service cohesion with government and private security agencies to protect lives and properties, and defend the poor from oppression and give justice for truth.
1. To form a group of people of integrity that are faithful to give justice for truth to those who are either worshippers in the churches and mosques but believe inexistence of all religions and live as one in the Spirit, and revolutionize the social, cultural, economy, political and religious activities, and be peace ambassadors with their religions, culture and beliefs in Nigeria and in African nations.
2. To provide maximum Prevention Service for the people and to ensure in every society and community in the states and in the country, that there is good governance in Nigeria and Africa to sweep away corruption, injustice and wickedness.
1. To create a forum where people can meet and share their respective views and to educate one another with the different ideas on knowledge of ancient world and the present world of today in their daily life style in every human perspective, social and political status, cultural, spiritual and economy reform.
2. To re-unite all peoples all over Nigeria, and create a new peaceful world in the continent for men of good will and those who respect the law of the land and fear the Supreme Being.
3. To help resolve land and border disputes and control the weapons of war with the help of the local government in the state and country and avoid wars between ethnic groups and track down the suicide mission plotters and uproot their activities that all may be saved from being harmed and be at peace with one another in Nigeria.
4. To form different monitoring teams and squads in the different parts of local municipality, State, and Nigeria in general and follow up their local and international businesses, operating in our country in order to have stable price control and to also ensure that local products that did not meet international standards are not exported to other countries.
5. To avoid diversion of goods from original owners to fraudsters, and over-sees the affairs of widows without children that are of ages between sixty years and above and to strengthen youth empowerment, increase job creation for the coming generation that will help develop the immediate environment and render qualitative services to their government authorities and employers, and put smiling faces on people.
The Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards, places emphasis on operational personnel, leaders and captains, of industries, commanders and provost marshals, selections, recruitments, trainings and appointment of officers and development. Therefore all our personnel, who will include priests and group leaders, are to be people with considerable experience and outstanding record of performance and good reputable peace ambassadors. The group is determined to maintain and ensure proper training and dissemination of information to all personnel with the co-operation of the local government authority of each State, in Nigeria.
To ensure that there is discipline and orderliness for sustenance of integrity among the Prevention Service Guard Personnel, who enforce warnings and several punishments for members of this squad that may use the authority and powers of the organization against members of the public. This may be by way of intimidation or harassment. In the case of any public assault against those to be protected with our influence and powers, such personnel who indulge in such unlawful act will face the law of the land to serve as deterrent to others. If such acts by the undisciplined personnel result to the death of the innocent citizen, he or she will be handed over to the police authority for prosecution.

To recruit large number of personnel to make up the Prevention Guard in Nigeria. The squad is to operate on land, air and sea.
Each unit squadron is to build their outpost in every community with their head-quarters at the king’s Palace or in each Local Government and State Capital Cities in each state of the country. Upon recruitment of personnel, recommendation by a senior police officer, senior magistrate from the law court, clergy man, community leader or traditional rulers is required before approval.
(a) First School Leaving Certificate with any other professional skill.
(b) Commercial School and Secondary School Certificate
(c) ND/Higher National Diploma Certificate
(d) B.Sc., MBA, PHD and others.
The Special Prevention African Watch Guards will work with experts and those that have knowledge of War, Weapons, Security Cameras, Internet experts, Traditional Medicine Practitioners and Orthodox Medicine Practitioners, Legal Practitioners, Engineers, Pilots, Sailors etc.
(i) The nuclear weapons experts are to provide security gadgets to detect illegal nuclear weapons in possession of the terrorists e.g explosive bomb and would train the personnel who are to control the nuclear weapons from time to time with the help of each government in the local authority in our country and other security agencies, the nuclear weapons experts would work to reduce deadly nuclear weapons posing danger to the societies in our locality and Nigeria in general.
(ii) SECURITY CAMERAS:- The Press crew and all squad personnel are to have knowledge and usage of cameras. This could be mobile phone, cameras and professional cameras. In most cases security cameras will be installed in crowded places e.g market and financial institution, airport, sea vessels, Schools, and Prevention commands to monitor the activities of people who are in such places at a time.
The internet experts will scout for email address and monitor suspicious mail to track down any criminal message to terrorists or cyber scam, they would partner with yahoo messengers, Google, Face-book, MLM Social network, Twitters etc and control the internet communication between the personnel and the general public.
The traditional medicine practitioners will research to discover roots and herbs, with divinity to improve knowledge on African Mythical force and powers to arrest forces behind terrorist and suicide bombers.
They would also produce anti explosive weapons and gun and reduce the strength of the suicide bomb attackers and rampage killing of the innocent citizens in the society, through bomb blast and spiral shootings in the public.
They are to provide traditional medicine for healing element, disease in the tropical regions, for Special prevention African Watch Guards Personnel. They are to train with Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards in order to have knowledge and education to gain more intelligence, skills in their operational duties, to assist the government and other security operational personnel in controlling crisis.
The orthodox medicine practitioner will provide all medical service at each command with a medical unit attached to the state headquarters and zonal command in the three senatorial zones. They are to train as Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards to have the skills and intelligence of the guards, and would assist the government and other security operational personnel in controlling crisis.
The Legal Practitioners teams will represent the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards in all legal suits and to defend and advise personnel in all official matters and take legal actions against any individual or group of organization who may want to take advantage on the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards or it properties, and would assist the government and other security operational personnel in controlling crisis.
The Engineers will carry out all engineering duties in the workshop and outside the workshop. These include motor vehicles, buildings, plant, generator and electrical etc.
They are to train as Special Prevention Guards and would assist the government and other security agencies operational personnel in controlling crisis.
AGE LIMIT: The field men must be between 18 years and 49 years, 50 years of age to 60 years and above will only be in their respective offices or locations to direct those in the field. 17yrs of age and under may serve as spies and informers. The Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards is to recruit men from various organizations and among government authorities and other security agencies who may join as volunteers under an oath to co-exist with the existing security agencies in all nations, to sanitize the land of Africa nations from unpleasant practices and poor governance etc.
The Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards will source for fund from the Patrons and Government of Nigeria, AU, NGO, Corporate Organizations and from the membership forms, annual levy from worthy members to sustain and pay stipend allowances to those on field work for their support during each engagement to special duties.
Those who are to render service for the up- keeping of the poor will also do art work and other professional works.

The Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards personnel are to be trained on land, air and sea with the support of the Police, military and Para-military, they will have additional training with the grand masters who are commanders and leaders to add to the secret guard experience to their primary trainings. The military and Para Military trainings will take place in Nigeria, Africa, in the United States of America, Israel, United-Arab League, Asian and European Countries etc.
Membership shall be open to all gender in Nigeria.
(a) Every registered member shall pay an enrolment fee of N10, 000 or any amount that may be approved from time to time.
(b) Annual Training/Conference Fees
Annual Congress fees shall be a minimum of N15, 000 per member or any amount that may be approved from time to time.
Fees shall not fall in arrears of more than three months. Fines and levies shall be paid up on a deadline to be determined by the Provost Marshal and it shall be the duty of the Senior Personnel, Executive Committee to take a decision on cases of default.
(i) The general meeting and lecture shall be held on every last Friday of the month from 12pm prompt, unless opening is otherwise extended by a decision of the general meeting. The Senior Personnel or Executive Committee shall meet from time to time as necessary. The venue shall be the Special Prevention Guards Headquarters in the State or Local government or such other place as may from time to time be decided by the Prevention Guards.
(ii) Every member shall strive to attend the general meeting, lecture and briefing regularly, unless otherwise permitted to be absent. Absence of a member from 3 (three) consecutive general meeting, lectures and briefing shall be referred to the Executive Committee or Provost for investigation into the cause and necessary action for disciplinary measure.
(iii) Quorum: In all general and emergency meeting, 1/3 of all registered members or recruited senior officers and personnel, provost disciplinary members shall form a quorum.
(iv) Voting: In all meetings, all matters requiring voting shall be decided by a simple majority of members present provided that such a motion has been properly moved and seconded. The leader, Governor General or Deputy Governor General or Captain will have a casting of vote in case of a tie while the Provost will conduct the voting.
If a member, for any reason, wishes to stay away from the meeting, lecture and briefing, such intention shall be communicated to the general meeting in a written or verbal message preferable SMS or call to the senior personnel or Executive Secretary. Otherwise any absence shall attract a fine of N10, 000 and query as the case may be.

The officers and personnel of the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards are to be posted in every strategic point in the communities, borders, seaport, air ports, financial institutions and in moving vessels and in most cases market places, churches, mosques and air craft, to mount check points in every traffic point to disengage the activities of any suspected persons and to track down terrorist attacks and invite the Police to arrest every violent situation at any time in any place.
The Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards personnel are to operate with African mythical force and powers and with western IT, Information technology, to detect explosive weapons and overpower those with magic powers and IT knowledge to escape or beat security operatives.
The Communication department will work in partnership with private communication agencies and other security agencies, particularly the telecommunication operators and the use of internet social network service e.g face book, MLM, Twitter etc. To provide information to the general public and the personnel, as early warning alert against dangers.
The Commanders are to command squadrons while four different units form a squadron in each of the three senatorial district in the states, each unit to have a unit commander as the leader, and each unit will form a squad number in between one hundred, and one hundred and fifty gallant personnel.
The captains also are to serve as unit leaders in the Sea, river line areas and air terminal. They are to be controlled by group captains who control the different groups under their jurisdiction.
The marshals are to perform the duty of overseers as regional squadron commanders or leaders. They are to oversee the activities of personnel under their regional command and write report to the Headquarters. They have the power to discipline watch guard personnel who may portray questionable characters after recruitment and training. They can recommend such personnel to the disciplinary section.
The governor general is the general overseer and the overall leader of the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards. He is not to be replaced by any serving or ex-member of the prevention guards, alive or after death. In the case of his departure to eternity, his successor shall come from his root mostly the first born should be enthroned on oath and emerge the governor general of the Prevention African Guards, with the staff, sword and broom for no one else has the quality to part with these weapons of war against the unjust and wicked only the governor general and the root.
The Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards are to form different operational squad:-
Intelligence Squad, Surveillance Squad, Detective Squad, Community defense Squad, Peace keeping Squad, Anti suicide bomb attack Squad, Anti-terrorist Control Squad, Shipping Monitoring Squad, Cymbal crime control monitoring squad, General investment monitoring squad, Election matters monitoring squad, Public affairs monitoring squad, Land dispute monitoring squad, drug control monitoring squad, youths and widow affairs monitoring squad, religious organization monitoring squad and traditional right control monitoring squad. All these squads shall function in accordance with the mandate of the Special Prevention African Watch Guards, and to affirm the law of the land.
The officers of the Special Prevention African Watch Guards shall comprise of the following:-
Governor General, (Leader) Deputy Governor General, Marshal, Captain, Commander, Priests, Director General, PRO, CPO, Chief Press Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Publicity Secretary, Secretary General, Provost Marshal. Retired and Serving Commissioners, Director General, Controllers, Controller General, Generals shall serve as Advisers, Patrons and such other additional officers as the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards may deem necessary to appoint from time to time. The Royal Fathers and law makers at the local and state level will be the head of the advisory body and the grand patron, while all Chiefs, representative of religious bodies and local government administrators, State governors, and men of integrity will be appointed patrons, the first lady of the state government, will be patron-ess, to include other societal men and women of integrity in position.
(i) He shall preside over and be responsible for the proper conduct of Prevention business in the society and at all general meetings of the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards personnel.
(ii) He shall sign minutes of all general/executive committee meetings.
(iii) He shall summon and preside over any meeting of the Executive Committee and any emergency meeting.
(iv) He shall present an annual report.
He shall assist the governor general in
(i) The conduct of affairs in all meetings and both on Prevention matters
(ii) He shall act for the governor general in his absence.
(iii) The Deputy Governor General is to assist the governor general in all his duties and would act in the absent of the governor general in the area of Administrative, emergency meetings and present records to the Governor General. The Deputy Governor General and all reputable Executive members, Personnel of the Special Prevention shall have generational membership with the different in positions. Their sons are not to retain or inherit their father positions. Only on recommendation by the governor general as the case may be.
All administrative duties of the Prevention Guards shall be carried out by the administrative officers in each unit squad of every command and at the headquarters to keep records and posting of personnel and members of the Special Prevention African Watch Guards, headed by Director General.
CHIEF PREVENTION OFFICER: - He shall oversee the posting of officers and personnel on duty guard.
He shall assist and take conduct of Prevention Matters in the society in the absence of the commanders recommend officers and personnel for promotion and award.
SUPERVISOR:- He shall assist the Chief Prevention Officer and take conduct of Prevention affairs, ensure that the officers and personnel posted on duty guards are in their various duty post.
He shall write daily report of his observation and supervision, submit to the Chief Prevention Officer or the Commander for further action.
He shall oversee the administrative departments, and ensure that there is proper posting and filling of documentation and records of Prevention Guards Personnel from the Country capital to States and Local government level.
He shall be responsible for all Exams and records of the Prevention Guards.
He shall give annual general records of Prevention Guards corporate responsibility.
(i) He shall be responsible for the Secretarial duties of the Special Prevention African Watch Guards.
(ii) He shall take minutes of all general, Executive and emergency meetings.
(iii) He shall keep an imprest account of not more than N100, 000.
(v) He shall dispatch Notice of meeting to members.
He shall assist the secretary general to take minutes of all General Executive and
Emergency meetings.
He shall assist the Secretary General in all his duties and act for him in his absence.
(i) He shall be responsible for the banking of the funds of the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards.
(ii) He shall keep a cash book in which detail statements of all receipt and payments are entered.
(iii) He shall have power to disburse the Special Prevention African Watch Guards Funds as may be directed by the Leader or Executive Committee.
(iv) He shall issue receipts for all monies received from the financial secretary or any one acting on his behalf.
(v) He shall submit the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards books of account to the audit or to such person/persons as may be appointed by the Prevention Guards into the banks Account within 48 hours of the collection.
(vi) He shall keep Imprest of not more than N100, 000.
(vii) He shall retire every imprest before re-imbursement
(viii) He shall submit an annual report.
(i) He shall collect all subscription, fines, levies and donations for the Prevention Guards.
(ii) He shall issue receipts for all monies collected or received on behalf of the Special Prevention Guards and pay same to the Treasurer and obtain receipts from the Treasurer for such payment.
(iii) Should any member/members fall in arrears of payment for more than three months he shall report the default to the Leader or any Executive member at the general meeting.
(iv) He shall submit the Prevention Guards books of account to the auditor or to such other person/persons as may be appointed by the Special Prevention African Watch Guards.
(v) He shall submit an annual report.

He shall operate under the public relation department to give the public information that will create good impression about the general activities of Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards from the country headquarters, to States and Local Government Level.
(i) He shall give publicity to all the Prevention Guards.
(ii) He shall carry-out all public relations matters on behalf of the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards.
(iii) He shall be responsible for all social activities of the Prevention Guards.
(i) He shall be responsible for discipline of personnel who fail to perform their duty well and during meetings.
(ii) He shall collect fines from defaulters, try personnel who are absent from duty without permission and those that indulge on unlawful act to bring such officers to trial and face the law of the land, such officer and personnel could face dismissal with severe punishment to serve as deterrent for others.
(iii) He shall perform all other duties as may be assigned to him by the Executive.
(a) The general house meeting shall appoint three ex-officio members to form part of the Executive Committee.
(b) Every officer of the Special Prevention African Watch Guards shall carry-out the duties of his office except that if for any reason, he is unable to do so, his deputy shall act for him any action taken by such acting officer, shall be deemed lawful and valid.
( c) Similarly, the Special Prevention African Watch Guards may appoint any member to act for any official if that officer or his deputy is not available.
(a) Promotion and Appointment into the various offices of the Special Prevention African Watch Guards shall be on merit open nomination after screening, prayer and due consultation. The cadet course shall run between six month and one year while the junior recruit officers shall be in between three months and six months.
The Executive and board of advisory council will have to screen the nominees and recommend them to the leader or governor general for promotion and posting as senior officers to be Captain, Director etc. The promotion exercise for junior officers will be followed in the same way. In each command, tenure in office shall be in between three to four years for all serving senior officers and directors, head of department (HOD) including the junior Personnel’s. The ranking of the Special Prevention African Watch Guards shall be an equivalent of the military.
(a) The Executive Committee shall exercise executive powers and take emergency decision on behalf of the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards.
(b) The members of the Executive Committee shall be the governor general deputy Governor General, treasurer, secretary general, Assistant Secretary, all HOD’S, Publicity Secretary, Commander, Captains, Directors etc.

The Trustees of the Special Prevention African Watch Guards shall comprise of the following: Governor General who is the Leader, Secretary General and Treasurer. Any two of the three shall sign document on behalf of the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards in its Banking business. The Trustees shall have no powers to withdraw or spend the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards, monies without the approval of the governor general and the Executive emergency meetings or that of the Executive Committee. The approval or authority to withdraw or spend the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards shall be in the appropriate minute book.
Auditors shall be appointed by the governor general and the Executive at general meeting to audit all the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards books of account at least once in every 12 months or at such other times as the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards may direct, and shall submit the report to the governor general office.

The Patrons shall be Nigerians, Africans, and any appointed by the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards. Their main functions shall be advisory, Funding and ceremonial. They may attend any of the Special Prevention Service African Watch Guards Meetings. There shall be at least one or two retired Commissioners of Police, Military Intelligence, State Security Service (SSS) or service Chiefs in Nigeria.
For all mankind to fear God and live in one spirit of love and adhere to Justice and fairness.
a. When you are kind you will feed the poor and needy.
1. If you believe in true justice you will not oppress the poor and needy. In all judgment you will be fair and not using your position to extort nor abuse your judgment seat or position in your assignment of duty.
2. If you are merciful, you will forgive one another and obtain mercy from both men and the Supreme Being.
This is the word of the Supreme Being which came as a message about the authority and power that is to provide peace and unity for the people in the new generation and was developed by the messenger of God AMB; ThankGod O. Okoduwa to first educate and send warning that will turn the heart of the wicked to love and do justice for truth and provide Prevention Service for Gods people on earth.
The lack of knowledge to put these nightmares to an end happened as a result of insincerity and unfaithfulness among the citizen in the local areas and the inability for local authority and the central government to discover and up root these
element, control and management of crisis had failed us to huge failure that condone the uprising of re appraiser and border dispute, kidnapping, religious and ethnic violence including the thuggery and other criminal act. In other to redeem
our people from their dens we must swiftly prevent vices and revive the local community policing system and overhaul the entire community watch and provide authentic information’s to the police and other security agencies, e.g the civil defense corps and serve as community neighborhood watchman for prevention and intelligence gathering squad. We will have to hastily serve as those in a rescue mission and an intermediary between the common people in the community and their leaders to sources for vital information from members of the public, their leaders and individuals who encamp in remote area and the urban city as well.

Contacts:- AMB: ThankGod O. Okoduwa
Tel: +234(0)8037151343

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