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Group NameLead and Traffic Distribution (Random Hybrid Uni-level Network)
DescriptionFTB Online Marketing Methods

For best comp plans please use this url:

Free Team Builder creates traffic and leads for your business in a variety of ways.
•Traffic is generated by the links our members post on their websites, blogs, forums, user groups, social sites
•Search engine results from our landing pages
•Search engine results from our forum postings, news and updates
•Paid Marketing Campaigns
•Other web property traffic
•Private traffic sources

Free Team Builder Uses Cooperative Marketing To Maximize Your Results!

FTB is a centralized hub of marketing, all members of each program promoted send traffic to the website with their links, these links create what we like to call ‘traction’ in the search engine results, creating thousands and thousands of references back the FTB website, giving us high ranking for search terms like online recruiting, team build website, etc..

Traffic from search engines or traffic which was not referred by a FTB member is distributed randomly to our members based on how many ‘bonus leads and traffic’ they are entitled to receive from the system.

Viral System

We start out every member with 10 free leads from our traffic sources.

You can earn more leads by:
•Referring other members to the site
•Generating your personal leads using your links and landing pages
•Sending raw traffic to the site.

Feeling Lazy, Want US To Market For You?

Well, we have you covered there too! Subscribe to one of our Pro Memberships or above and receive traffic from our paid marketing campaigns and other traffic sources not available to Free Members! You still get everything a free member receives, plus so much more with a Pro Membership, see Membership Options for details.

Lead and Traffic Distribution Rules (Random Hybrid Uni-level Network)

If a member is not able to receive a lead, the system finds a member on their team who can, if no eligible member is found then the system looks for the next eligible member in the system to give it to, starting with the most recent member to register on the site. This distribution model creates depth and stability in an organization while allowing our superstar lead generators to benefit along with complete newbie online marketers.

What is this ‘Random Hybrid Uni-level Network’?

The FTB system for team building uses components of both a uni-level and a structured network along with random placements to decide where random leads and traffic go, which member they are credited to based on the distribution rules of FTB. It is a hybrid between the two most popular forms of team structures with random placements of members which would normally go directly to a company, now go to you as a rep!

Every lead you personally generate is always given to you, that is the unilevel part, however we also give every member who registers a minimum of 10 leads from our system which could turn into sales, new FTB members and members of each opportunity you are participating with on the FTB site or they can do all of the above!

Because we give 10 potential leads/reps/affiliates to our members, this acts like a structured network, each member gets 10, who get 10 who get 10 down to infinity… get it?!

Now because we give random traffic out randomly, this is what can happen. Lets say you don’t qualify to get a random lead because you have used all of your bonus leads and traffic already and haven’t earned any more free traffic. In a normal system you wouldn’t get anything, in FTB, the system now looks to find the first of your referred members who does qualify to get a random lead… thus continuing to build your network, even if you were not qualified to receive the lead yourself.

Build a NETWORK of affiliates and members and you will never go hungry with FTB helping you build your businesses!

We make it easy to earn leads for our Free Members and even easier for our Pro Members! As a Pro Member you receive traffic from our paid marketing and you also receive traffic from our targeted web properties, landing pages and other private sources.

There is NO LIMIT to the number of visitors, leads or signups you can receive!*

FTB Affliates

This also includes our FTB Affiliate Program Pro landing pages, helping you to get sales in our own affiliate program, paying 12 levels of compensation on your affiliate network.

Cooperative Marketing? How about Cooperative BUSINESS! Check out the FTB Affiliate Program and maximize your income!

*As a Free Member you are eligible for up to 10 leads from our traffic, then you must EARN more by using your landing page links to refer traffic, leads and new members, earning bonuses. See ‘Bonus Leads’ section of FTB Dashboard for details.
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