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Gary Johnston (leader)
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Group NameTop MLM Leader Required Now Global
DescriptionLatest info from Dr duja
Dr. RUJA's Live Speech from Bangkok
*OneCoin is now officially No 1 CryptoCurrency Company in the World
*At least 70 Countries present at Bangkok Sold Event of 10000 attendees
*New BlockChain of 120Billion Coin is Successfully launched. First Genesis block mined coins and was witnessed Live
*New BlockChain will mine *50,000 Coins per minute
*Updated OneLife Website is active again
*14 Million Users , 2.5 Million Active users with paid Packages
** More than 300 Millionaires* , 450 Diamonds , 50,000 People on Ranks
*Merchants going to be Active from 3rd October 2016
*Merchants Application will have 2 packages, €5000 &
*No Transaction Fee charge at Merchandise
*By bringing Merchants a user can *Max upto €70k per week in Bonuses
*Goals,- 10 Million Users,1 Million Merchants
*€25 Predicted Value of Coin
*Going to Public in 2018
#join #us #global #for #money #weekly
Category Affiliate Marketing