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Michael <a href="­https://5min­­/indunamike0­9"...
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<a href="­https://5min­­/indunamike0­9"...
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MLM Distributor
Basic Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Birthday: (73 years old)
Relationship Status:
I am an MLM Distributor
Contact Information
Skype Messenger ID:
Yahoo! Messenger ID:
British Columbia
Zip/Postal Code:
Social Networks
Facebook URL:
Twitter URL:
Education and Work
MLM Experience:
Primary MLM Company:
Other MLM Companies:
None Now
My Expertise:
Adult education, corporate trainer and recruiter;
writer, editor, curriculum developer, senior university administrator (dean), distance educator, bee keeping, wood turning, golf (not!)
What You Need Most Right Now:
A business which doesnt make the bosses rich and the rest of us pions poor. A business that does not replicate the old feudal system of the Lords of Manor and the miserable poor. I take great offence to the "Abundance' "philosophy" with 60% of the world starving. That has what bought the USA to its knees recently and BY God! will kill it, if it persists.
High School:
Michaelhouse, Natal , South Africa
B.A. LL.B Natal
M.Phil. Cantab (Selwyn College)
M.A. Ph.D. Toronto
University of New Brunswick, Canada
University of Victoria, BC, Canada
Bermuda College, Bermuda
Federal Government, Canada
Myself under Trainingworks Inc
Personal Information
About Me:
After leaving my 9-5 job as a senior administrator at universities, I started a corporate training and recruiting company and closed it down 8 years later. Started on MLMs with vsrying degrees of success and have been associated with David Track for about 5 years and worked for him too. Right now I have NO mlm companies and won't unless I find the right one. I don't have the time to mess around with scams and rubbish. I plan on researching MLMSocial with great care.
Activities and Interests:
golf, walking, keeping fit, internet friends, wood turning, stained glass, Canadian federal politics (Liberal Party of course), reading history biographies esp. Colonial history and Post WW1 Germany, watching good movies,
Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
David Track lol, Steven Covey
Favorite Authors:
Edmund Burke,
Wilbur Smith
Stephen Covey
Andre Brink
Allan Paton
lots more coming later
Favorite Books:
Cry the Beloved Country (Allan Paton);
Men of Men (Wilbur Smith)
Dry White Season ( Andre Brink)
7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)
Favorite Quotations:
"Its time you grabbed the bull by the tail and faced the situation" W.C Fields

'Insanity is when you repeat the same thing expecting different results" . Einstein
Favorite Music:
Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Jazz, Reggae, Motown and "Black" musicians.Country and Western leaves me cold.
Favorite Movies:
Movies with the following actors in no particular order: Daniel Day Lewis, W.C Fields, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Becall, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman, Woody Allan, Orson Welles, Maggie Smith, Lawrence Olivier, Michael Caine, Jack Nicholson, Alec Guinness. Rod Steiger, Ralph Richardson, Peter Sellers, Anthony Hopkins, Kenneth Branaugh, Russell Crowe, Meryl Strypt (sp?)A long list of those I can't stand
Favorite TV Shows:
CNN, CBC, BBC, History Channels, political and international channels. Some sports channels (Rugby and cricket) News, Trailer Park Boys (crude and charming) , Red and Green show,

I hate sitcoms and moce talkshows