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Real Estate Investing

So I did a little digging about the publisher of that FREE
real estate investing course I emailed to you yesterday.

Did you pick that up by the way?  Go here to claim yours
if you haven't already.  I got it for my own personal real
estate business, and I highly recommend you do the same...

This guy has one of the biggest wholesaling operations
in the United States.  He's flipping houses in 40 different
states, and he does it all without ever seeing, closing on,
or fixing ANY of them.   He built it with no money, no
credit, and ... most importantly ... no manual labor.  : )

And he's doing this right NOW.  In THIS market.  This
same market that everyone else is whining and
complaining about.  The dude is KILLING It.

Not only that, but he has decided to give BACK to this
same wonderful universe that has blessed him with this
outrageous success and good fortune by giving his step-
by-step, house flipping system away for FREE.  But only
for a limited time.

I got it, and it's phenomenal.  Make sure and drop me an
email to let me know what you think. 

 - Skip Boykin

P.S.  this offer ends tomorrow
Skip Boykin, CEC - Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant

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Flip Your Way eBook. Free. Learn To Invest In Real Estate Today!





I just wanted to let you know that I found something

pretty dang awesome on the net today that I'm
getting for myself PERSONALLY. You have got to see

Best part ---> it's free.

You've probably heard about it already. It's flying

around cyber world like wild fire. I can't go anywhere
without seeing the darn thing. Apparently it reveals
how some punk kid made half a mil flipping houses
with no money, no credit, and no WORK even ... and
he did it his very first year in biz.

Anyways - enjoy. It's not often someone gives away

their secrets to real estate investing success like this.

Talk soon.

Skip Boykin, CEC - Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant

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p.s. not sure how long this real estate investing

course will be free or even available period. I would
pick it up now just to be safe.

You know I am constantly looking for opportunities on the

net. Check it out. It could be what you have been searching
for. Make sure you let your friends, neighbors, relatives
and associates know about the link also.
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Category: Health
eHealth, Inc., the parent company of eHealthInsurance Services Inc., is committed to addressing t
he plight of more than 47 million Americans who are uninsured by providing those who visit with knowledge of and access to health insurance that is affordable
and accessible. 1 Broad knowledge of affordable plans can lead to fewer uninsured Americans.
More than 8 out of 10 uninsured Americans are in working families in 1994.2
  • Of the 45 million uninsured Americans in 20043
    • 82% came from working families,4 and
    • 69% came from families with one or more full-time workers.5
    • 16 million, or nearly 22%, were families with annual incomes of $50,000 or more,6 and
    • 8% of families had annual incomes of $75,000 or more.7
According to an October 2005 survey of our members, more than 40 percent of eHealthInsurance
members had been without health insurance for at least six months before coming to to purchase health insurance.

eHealth is pleased to help individuals, families and small business employers get health insurance
that is right for them.

1 U.S. Census Bureau, Aug. 2006

2 U.S. Census Bureau, Aug. 2005

3 U.S. Census Bureau, Aug. 2005

4 The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured,

"The Uninsured: A Primer", Jan. 2006

5 The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured,

"The Uninsured: A Primer", Jan. 2006

6 U.S. Census Bureau, Aug. 2005

7 U.S. Census Bureau, Aug. 2005

eHealth is Ready to Connect America to Health Coverage(video)


Skip Boykin
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Category: Business Opportunities
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Category: Health

Skip Boykin


In 2010, families with employer-based health insurance saw a 14% average increase in coverage costs compared to 20091.  Those who went through their employer’s open-enrollment period at the end of 2010 on ‘auto-pilot’ (without paying careful attention to their choices) may find that their current health plan is simply unaffordable when new rates take effect in January 2011.  Others who do have the right health plan for their needs may not know how to best take advantage of their coverage in order to save money over the course of the year. 

Five Health Insurance Tips for 2011:
  • Don’t get stuck with a lemon.  Lots of health insurance companies make changes to rates and benefits at the beginning of the new year.  By mid to late January, you may be getting your first taste of what these changes mean for you and your family.  If employer-based health insurance is no longer affordable, check with your Human Resources department and get to know your options in the non-group market.  Keep in mind, however, that until 2014 you may still be turned down for individual and family coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition. 
  • Check out new health reform-compliant plans. Health insurance companies are introducing new plans to comply with health reform rules that make some preventive care free and do away with lifetime coverage limits.  Some older plans may not have to meet these requirements.  If you want to take advantage of new health reform protections, work with a licensed online agent like eHealthInsurance to see what’s available in your state.
  • Be sure your old plan still fits.  Like old cars or houses, an old health plan can feel pretty comfortable, but that doesn’t mean it’s still a good match for you and your family.  If you were married or divorced, had children, or gained or lost income this past year, you may be able to save money on medical costs by starting the year with a plan better suited to your needs.
  • Don’t pay two deductibles.  Many health insurance plans come with calendar-year deductibles.  If you’re planning a move or other life changes in 2011 and know you’ll have to switch health insurance plans mid-year, it may be smarter to find a new plan early.  Since certain medical claims are only paid by the insurance company after the deductible is met, moving to a new health insurance plan in January or February may help you avoid paying deductibles twice in a single year.
  • Fund your HSA early.  If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) and want to get the most out of it, fund it to the maximum amount early in the year.  That will allow you to use pre-tax dollars for copayments and deductibles while allowing unused money to collect interest for more of the year.  Also, remember that in 2011, HSA (and FSA) funds can no longer be used to pay for most over-the-counter medications.

NOTE: Keep in mind that when you switch plans or apply for a new individual or family health insurance plan, you may be subject to medical underwriting. If you have an individual or family plan and developed medical conditions recently, you may need to stay on that plan to keep your coverage secured.


eHealthInsurance offers the largest selection of health plans. Compare & Apply Online,