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Royalty plays an important role in the investment program, one of the most impressive schemes in the network marketing industry. This allows people to earn more than they once invested, which makes this program more popular than others. Royalty can be a variety of “gold”, “silver”, “platinum” and so. This is calculated by the number of pairs achieved by the member. For example, if a member reaches 75 pairs, he/she becomes “silver” when reaching 100 pairs, and he/she becomes “gold” and so on. This commission is usually allocated to some predefined percentage of the company's revenue and also it is paid for a limited period of time, or for a lifetime depending on the company's policy.

The sponsor will earn after completing the binary tree with their respective downline members, such like as the Binary Compensation Plan and the pairing Commission. If there are 10 members on the left and two members on the right. The remaining 8 pairs on the left are called the Power Slide. For commission payment purposes, Power Leg's balance is either forwarded or in some cases, it fails. The MLM HYIP script provides the percentage of downstream members on a daily basis based on their investments. Due to this excellent commission structures, the Investment MLM plan is one of the most likely schemes in the direct selling industry.

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