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Posted: Sat 25 August 2012 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

 'REAL Results' Member Story of the Day - Front Yard Geyser:

"You can't imagine how distressed I was to drive up to my home one Friday evening and see a 30-ft. geyser in my front yard! Water was everywhere! 
My neighbor offered to call his friend, the plumber, only to find out that my house, along with many others in the neighborhood, was built with faulty piping. He offered to fix it - at the discounted rate - of only $3,500.00! 
I called my LegalShield law firm first thing Monday morning and learned there had been a class-action suit against the builder, but the suit expired 2 years prior. However, in doing additional research, my attorney found that there was money left over from the lawsuit, gave me a number to call, and within a week's time... my water was back on, pipes were fully replaced and I never had to pay a dime! 
Thanks to LegalShield and their knowledgeable attorneys, this $3,500.00 savings covered my membership for over 11 years! When LegalShield says 'Worry less. Live more!', they MEAN it!"
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 Member Story of the Day - Short Sale of Home:

“My mom received this letter in the mail from a credit union claiming she owed over $6000 in delinquent taxes on a home she had to short sell. To the average person this would probably be a pretty stressful situation. However, because my mom understands the peace of mind that comes along with being a LegalShield member, she didn't immediately panic and instead called into our law-firm to discuss the matter... Our attorney advised my mom that not only did she not need to worry, but to completely ignore the letter, assuring her that the bank was trying to get her to pay the tax on the house when in actuality it was their responsibility. I can only imagine how many people who receive similar demand letters decide to just take one on the chin and pay up without a fight or lose sleep at night worrying about a situation. To not know your rights is to not have any. Thank You LegalShield.”