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 Do You?

Do you have a current Will?
Do you have all your contracts and documents reviewed by an attorney before you sign them?
Do you have a service to protect your minor children against ID Theft?
Do you know any small business owners who would like to expand and grow their business?
Do you Know of any businesses that has more than 10 employees?
Do you know of anyone who might be interested in earning extra income on a part time basis?
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U.S. Research study just completed: 
* 57 million full-time working Americans experienced at least one legal event in the past 12 months 
* 93% believe lawyers charge too much
* 76% say they are hesitant to call a lawyer 
* 9 out of 10 wou
ld seek legal advice if cost were not an issue

Yep. Exactly WHY we're growing so fast. The paradigm is shifting -- just like it did in Europe many decades ago, right before market penetration went from 2%... to 20%... to 50%... to 80%. 

North America is at about 2% right now. The biggest growth is JUST ahead.

Provide the solution to a real need in society; find real opportunity. 

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Category: Member Story of the Day

 'REAL Results' Member Story of the Day - ANYWHERE in the U.S.:

“Yay! I got to squeeze more value out of my LegalShield membership again! Like many business owners I was solicited to advertise in a fundraising print that may or may not have been a profitable business decision. Either way, if Oprah can use attorneys for contract reviews before she signs... so can I. After I requested the company t

o email me their contract, I forwarded it to LegalShield for review. After speaking with my Washington law firm, they said the contract was under Oregon jurisdiction because that’s where the ad company was located... my business attorney forwarded the docs to my Oregon law firm who was very thorough and pleasantly warned me of 3 stipulations in their contract, one of which, was a standard sentence missing from the contract that could have cost me more the original ad fee. Wow! Every business owner should have this! I didn't get a bill, co-pay, nothing... I'm a member & my membership is current, they didn't know my bank account balance but my attorneys treated me like Oprah and saved me from making a big mistake. Thanks again LegalShield.”
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 'REAL Results' Member Story of the Day - Front Yard Geyser:

"You can't imagine how distressed I was to drive up to my home one Friday evening and see a 30-ft. geyser in my front yard! Water was everywhere! 
My neighbor offered to call his friend, the plumber, only to find out that my house, along with many others in the neighborhood, was built with faulty piping. He offered to fix it - at the discounted rate - of only $3,500.00! 
I called my LegalShield law firm first thing Monday morning and learned there had been a class-action suit against the builder, but the suit expired 2 years prior. However, in doing additional research, my attorney found that there was money left over from the lawsuit, gave me a number to call, and within a week's time... my water was back on, pipes were fully replaced and I never had to pay a dime! 
Thanks to LegalShield and their knowledgeable attorneys, this $3,500.00 savings covered my membership for over 11 years! When LegalShield says 'Worry less. Live more!', they MEAN it!"
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 It's pretty amazing, really. 

Our company has been "the best kept secret" in North America for 40 years now. In that period of time, well over 150 have earned $1 Million+ dollars from home; between 400-600 have built a 6-figure income (some personally, some passively), and over 30,000 are now enjoying PURE residual income which can be willed to their children and grandchildren...based on members they enrolled ONCE. We have over 1,000 individuals and families who earn $50K per year and more, and MOST are part-time. 

That's what's already happened. 


That's fact; not projection, hype or, "We plan on _____."

These phenomenal stats are based upon only 1.5 million households who have our membership today. 97% of the folks out there don't even know we exist... yet. 

That's about to change FAST. The SECRET is getting out. Soon, it will be spreading exponentially. Very, very quickly. 

The biggest wave of growth our industry has ever seen is about to occur within our company. All the 3rd party marketing research shows we will grow from 1.5 million households to 30 million within the next few years....then to around 86 million by the time we reach our peak. 

A national media campaign is about to begin, which means the "unawares" will soon become aware, and they'll be looking for information on how to enroll. What if you were that person?

Over the years, like with anything, people have come and people have gone. Lets face it - the divorce rate these days is pretty high, too, because most have the attention span of a gnat in our "what's in it for me" society. All good. 

We are looking for folks who have a desire to create a LEGACY... For folks who want to own stake in creating positive change for the masses... folks who want to be a part of history in the making. We are looking for those who want to be part of something important which is so much bigger than just them alone. 

We are revolutionizing the legal system and making equal access to justice a reality for the majority who can't afford to participate in it now. That's significant; it's an important mission. 

If you're someone who has always known you were put on this planet to do BIG things with your life, learn more about LegalShield today. I would like to work with you. 

I'd like to work with yo 
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 Oh how I wish you could be a fly on the wall here in my home office to witness first-hand what's happening! 

A few examples: 
1) Did a quick training call this afternoon with 32 Associates and opened it up for Q & A / comments at the e
nd. An Associate on our team from Phoenix shared that she, her daughter and another Associate on their team were each contacted in the last 24 hours by someone who saw a billboard or a TV commercial...and they want to join as members and Associates! 
2) I just got a post on my Facebook wall from an Associate in California. A friend of hers - a Mary Kay representative - wanted to learn more about the services LegalShield offered, so, she 3-way called her into a 10 minute message at 1-512-703-6148, option 2. Based on that call, her friend is coming over tonight to get started as not just a member...but also an Associate! 
3) Just got off the phone with an Associate on the team here in Austin, Texas ....he and his wife are part-time with LegalShield, but in the last 3 days they enrolled 5 new members, and earned over $1000.00. 
4) Got an email last night from a dear friend and Associate in California who has been part-time for 5 years. She is SO excited because her RESIDUAL INCOME with LegalShield just tripled in the last 30 days!! Yay! 
5) Got confirmation Wednesday morning that another dear friend and Associate who is also part-time just reached the TOP position as of August 1st, which means his monthly commissions just tripled, too! 
Just since WEDNESDAY the swells have grown a LOT - the tidal wave of momentum is headed our way NOW!
If you've been watching my posts for weeks, months or even years, you know I've been giving you ample information and fair warning that this day would come! =) It's starting NOW! Don't miss out! 
Get your business STARTED with LegalShield! Do it now! The TV commercials and billboards in San Diego, Phoenix, Denver and Charlotte have created an unbelievable increase in awareness... already! People are contacting US to ask how they can get started as a member, and many want to join as Associates, too - and it's only been 48 HOURS! These 4 markets will be flooded with information about LegalShield for the next 6 1/2 weeks .... then, the TV commercials go NATIONAL. 
YOU have a chance right NOW to get started, get trained, and start branding yourself as a LegalShield representative so that everyone you know knows to come to YOU when they're ready to get started. 
Check out the information: 
Step 1) LISTEN to the 5 minute updated overview: CLICK HERE or dial 1-512-703-6148, and press 1
Step 2) WATCH the full 20 minute company presentation: or log in to 
Then, CONTACT ME so I can help get your questions answered and help you put a plan together to create your success! 
What IF... over the next 12 months, you didn't have to stress about how your bills would be paid? What if...over the next 12 months you were excited about life again because you were working with a great team of people who encouraged you and HELPED you achieve success in your life? What IF... over the next 12 months, even part-time, you were able to DOUBLE, TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE the amount of income coming in to your household right now? 
WHAT don't take this opportunity seriously, and you choose to not take advantage of what very well could be the biggest opportunity to land in your lap in your lifetime? OUCH.
All I can do is continue to let you know what's happening...and continue to work with those who believe they deserve more and are willing to work toward the future they've always dreamed of. Let me know when you're ready! 
Elizabeth Caudle
Your LegalShield Chick 
P.S. The photo at the top? It's a snapshot of one of the LegalShield TV Commercials airing now. The actor chosen to play the LegalShield attorney in these commercials... is about to become famous. =)
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 Know any day care providers? This is important...

Member Story of the Day - Being Falsely Accused: 
“I would like to share with you how [my attorney] from [Provider Law Firm] in Maine gave me my life back! 

I am a single mom of 3 boys. Wanting to raise my own children, I started a day care more than 20 years ago. I have been blessed with caring for many children over the years, but I NEVER expected the following to happen to me. 

On Friday, November 10, I received a call late in the afternoon from one of my day care moms telling me that her 11 year old son had gone to the school counselor and told the counselor that I had abused him, other children in our day care as well as my own 4 year old son. The counselor called the Dept. of Human Services to report me for abuse. The mother told me she didn't believe the accusations but that the school made it very clear that if she didn't pull her kids out of my day care immediately, they could go after her for not protecting her children. She didn't dare go against the school or her son! I was totally shocked and panicked! I had cared for these children in my day care for 8 years and considered their mom one of my best friends. 

The first thing I did was call LegalShield. Unfortunately that Friday was Veteran's Day and it was 4:55pm, so most of the attorneys in the office were gone. The gentleman who took my information told me an e-mail would be sent to the attorneys and I would receive a call first thing Monday morning. My heart was in my throat. I had no idea how I would get through an entire weekend with this dark cloud over my head. 

This is where LegalShield rises above any other law firm out there ~ 

Within an hour or so of my call to the Provider Law Firm, I received a phone call from one of the leading attorneys saying he just opened his e-mail and when he read what had happened, he just had to call and let me know what I should say/do over the weekend, and first thing Monday morning he would have [another attorney] call me because she had more experience in this field. [This attorney] spent 30 minutes on the phone with me bringing me from hysterical to reassured. He wasn't even going to be the attorney taking my case, but he wanted to call to assure me they were there for me! Attorneys outside of LegalShield don't do that for their clients. 

First thing Monday morning, [my attorney] called and went over everything and again reassured me I would be given the best service. I felt like my world was spinning out of control and [she] stepped in and took the wheel to regain control for me. 

The state investigation lasted 3 months! Not only did they look at me as a day care provider but as a mother as well. My two oldest boys are grown and in college, but my youngest is only 4 years old and I'm raising him 100% on my own. My biggest fear was that the State would knock on my door and take him away pending this investigation. I was constantly looking over my shoulder; I was unable to sleep well and my stress was through the roof. When I shared this with [my attorney] her reply was, "I want you to sleep - let me stay up and worry about this, that's my job." When I found myself worrying, I remembered her words and relaxed knowing I had the best on my side. 

When I was questioned by the investigator in MY ATTORNEYS OFFICE, [she] did not put up with any nonsense from the questions being asked. I wish everyone could have seen her put her foot down, making him stay within his legal boundaries. Without legal representation I never would have known what I should/shouldn't answer. 

On February 9, I received a call from [my attorney] telling me I had been cleared of any and all charges. She was as happy and excited to tell me as I was to hear it. For 3 months I held my breath, and at that moment I felt the air start to fill my lungs again while tears filled my eyes. When I thanked [her] and told her that she had just given me my life back her reply was, "You always had your life, I just held your hand until you knew it." My gratitude for so many things was at an all time high! I asked [her] what I could do for her as a thank you for all she had done and she said, "You just did it." Saying thank you just isn't enough. I received a level of quality care that I doubt the rich and famous get, and I got ALL of it for $26 a month! [My attorney] isn't just an attorney working at a Provider Law Firm, she has a true passion for LegalShield and what the service represents. 

Anyone working with children needs this membership! My life was turned upside down by an 11-year-old telling lies. I can't imagine the mental stress or potential outcome without LegalShield! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your vision for this company and I thank you for the quality you insist on for the Provider Law Firms out there, especially with [my attorney]! 
Worry Less, Live More
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 I am a LegalShield Reprsentative and I am looking for individuals who are motivated, trainable, and enjoy helping others....If you have never heard of LegalShield don't worry you will........This Career Opportunity is like being able to build a North American team of agents selling Geico ... before the gecko, or Afflack...before the duck.


Watch one of 6 Commercials that will be hitting prime time this summer.

If you would like to be apart of this message me. 


Elizabeth Caudle

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Category: Prospecting

 We are expanding if interested email me your resume. 

Job Information
Job Title: Legal Service Consultant – Legal Consulting Sales Representative Req'd Education: High School
Company: LegalShield Req'd Experience: None
Location: US- Base Pay: N/A
Employee Type: Full-Time/Part-Time

If you are a highly driven achiever who wants more from your professional life than what traditional career paths have to offer, join our team at LegalShield! We are seeking independent-minded Legal Service Consultants who want to define their own careers and take advantage of a unique opportunity to capitalize on existing personal networks. As a Legal Service Consultant, you will sell unlimited legal advice directly to customers at affordable rates. LegalShield negotiates with nationally top-ranked law firms to ensure that our customers receive sound legal advice from experienced and motivated lawyers who have already received payment for their services. Customers receive unlimited legal advice, letters and calls written on their behalf, trial defense and assistance in preparing wills and Power of Attorney documentation.

Independent Associate - Legal Service Consultant – Legal Consulting Sales Representative


As a Legal Service Consultant, you will develop relationships in the marketplace with individuals and families to present LegalShield services that provide protection for everything from real estate, consumer finance and collections issues to family law, traffic violations and identify theft. You will apply your consultative sales skills to learn about each of your customers and help them understand why LegalShield’s services are important, necessary and worth the nominal monthly fee.

Additional responsibilities of the Legal Service Consultant include:

Setting appointments with prospective customers
Running effective sales appointments that highlight the benefit of LegalShield’s services and address customer questions or concerns
Prospecting for customers through your own personal network, referrals, networking organizations, Chambers of Commerce, business resource databases, social media, professional and networking organizations and cold-calling

Independent Associate - Legal Service Consultant – Legal Consulting Sales Representative

For more info on LegalShield please visit

Helping you achieve your dreams

Elizabeth Caudle
LegalShield / Manager

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 I didn't need a 'List' to tell me I was in the right place at the right time.. but here's some social proof for ya. (Based on 'public interest')

The Best Internet Resource for Ranking MLM and Home Business Opportunities by Public Interest  
MLM / Home Based Business Popularity Top Gainers
Based on percentage increase in our last sampling period.
# 1 Youngevity
215.24% Gain
# 2 LegalShield
158.04% Gain
# 3 StemTech
123.22% Gain
115.63% Gain
# 5 Pure Romance
106.48% Gain
# 6 WorldVentures
104.95% Gain
# 7 Chez Ami
104.92% Gain
# 8 Advocare International
97.31% Gain
# 9 Perfectly Posh
96.55% Gain
# 10 Jusuru
86.29% Gain
Advertise Here
# 11 Zeek Rewards
85.88% Gain
# 12 DubLi
84.49% Gain
# 13 Zija International
79.01% Gain
# 14 ViSalus
76.98% Gain
# 15 Creative Memories
74.49% Gain
# 16 Trevo
72.02% Gain
# 17 Oxyfresh Worldwide
71.72% Gain
# 18 USANA
71.41% Gain
# 19 Take Shape for Life
70.72% Gain
# 20 Beachbody
70.05% Gain
# 21 Isagenix
69.34% Gain
# 22 Ceres Living
68.67% Gain
# 23 Herbalife International
66.58% Gain
# 24 SISEL International
66.26% Gain
# 25 LifeVantage
66.13% Gain
64.25% Gain
63.36% Gain
# 28 Talk Fusion
61.94% Gain
# 29 Forever Living
60.70% Gain
# 30 Momentis
60.02% Gain
# 31 Spa Girl Parties Inc.
59.82% Gain
# 32 Passion Parties
59.67% Gain
# 33 Lifewave
59.10% Gain
# 34 Aerus Electrolux
59.09% Gain
# 35 MyVideoTalk
58.44% Gain
# 36 Princess House
58.25% Gain
57.89% Gain
# 38 Ecoquest
57.88% Gain
# 39 Close To My Heart
57.60% Gain
# 40 Nerium International
56.81% Gain
# 41 Rodan and Fields
56.38% Gain
# 42 Norwex
56.25% Gain
# 43 Brown Bag Party
56.12% Gain
# 44 Beyond Organic
55.17% Gain
# 45 5LINX
55.01% Gain
# 46 Epicure Selections
54.83% Gain
# 47 OrGano Gold
54.77% Gain
# 48 Motives Cosmetics
54.31% Gain
# 49 Color Me Beautiful
54.20% Gain
# 50 Agel
53.90% Gain
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 PROFESSIONALS: You're an expert in your field. You work hard, and you've successfully climbed the ladder to the top of your least once. 

PERHAPS you've reached the top of your game and you're seeking more challenge and more reward? Perhaps you're concerned about retirement (or if you'll be able to retire)? Maybe you're investigating ways to build assets which don't require too much capital or time, but could offer you more time freedom? Maybe you're already looking to transition careers because you were one of the millions laid off in recent years...replaced by someone with 1/10th your skill and experience for half your salary?

If you can relate, take 15 minutes today to learn about a unique company which has successfully led a new, emerging industry in North America to critical mass - a company poised to grow more in the next 4 years than the last 40 combined, giving you the chance to participate in the profits, spare-time to full-time. No competition. Benefits plan available. 

Choose a time below that works best, dial in, and hear an overview by a professional who found this to be a better way: 

Call times are: 
11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm PACIFIC 
12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm MOUNTAIN
1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm CENTRAL 
2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm EASTERN

Number to dial: 
1-712-432-0075, code 740917# 

Then, get back to me.

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 Member Story of the Day - Short Sale of Home:

“My mom received this letter in the mail from a credit union claiming she owed over $6000 in delinquent taxes on a home she had to short sell. To the average person this would probably be a pretty stressful situation. However, because my mom understands the peace of mind that comes along with being a LegalShield member, she didn't immediately panic and instead called into our law-firm to discuss the matter... Our attorney advised my mom that not only did she not need to worry, but to completely ignore the letter, assuring her that the bank was trying to get her to pay the tax on the house when in actuality it was their responsibility. I can only imagine how many people who receive similar demand letters decide to just take one on the chin and pay up without a fight or lose sleep at night worrying about a situation. To not know your rights is to not have any. Thank You LegalShield.”

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 LegalShield began nearly 40 years ago when its former CEO and founder, Harland Stonecipher, was hospitalized in a motor vehicle accident. Harland Stonecipher was sued by the other party and depleted his life savings defending himself against something he didn't do. After the incident he was determined to make legal protection accessible to everyone and started the company which is now known as LegalShield. Since it's beginning in Ada, Oklahoma, LegalShield now provides a variety of legal services to over 1.4 million members across Canada and the United States for a low monthly fee.

Learn more about LegalShield and how it has provided legal freedom to families for years:

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 Good Morning


I hope you are finding what your are looking for on this site.  If you have not let allow me to pitch my company and why I love it.

I am part of a company that is not about smoke and mirrors.

I am part of a company where you are not just going to make money just by the stroke of a few keys

I am part of a company that will change your life if you have the courage to let it.

This may not be what your are looking for and that is totally ok and it only takes 15 mins to see if just maybe this is what your are looking for.

If you what to know what you are selling...YES I SAID SELLING! then click below.

Helping you find your path!

Elizabeth Caudle :)