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 Know any day care providers? This is important...

Member Story of the Day - Being Falsely Accused: 
“I would like to share with you how [my attorney] from [Provider Law Firm] in Maine gave me my life back! 

I am a single mom of 3 boys. Wanting to raise my own children, I started a day care more than 20 years ago. I have been blessed with caring for many children over the years, but I NEVER expected the following to happen to me. 

On Friday, November 10, I received a call late in the afternoon from one of my day care moms telling me that her 11 year old son had gone to the school counselor and told the counselor that I had abused him, other children in our day care as well as my own 4 year old son. The counselor called the Dept. of Human Services to report me for abuse. The mother told me she didn't believe the accusations but that the school made it very clear that if she didn't pull her kids out of my day care immediately, they could go after her for not protecting her children. She didn't dare go against the school or her son! I was totally shocked and panicked! I had cared for these children in my day care for 8 years and considered their mom one of my best friends. 

The first thing I did was call LegalShield. Unfortunately that Friday was Veteran's Day and it was 4:55pm, so most of the attorneys in the office were gone. The gentleman who took my information told me an e-mail would be sent to the attorneys and I would receive a call first thing Monday morning. My heart was in my throat. I had no idea how I would get through an entire weekend with this dark cloud over my head. 

This is where LegalShield rises above any other law firm out there ~ 

Within an hour or so of my call to the Provider Law Firm, I received a phone call from one of the leading attorneys saying he just opened his e-mail and when he read what had happened, he just had to call and let me know what I should say/do over the weekend, and first thing Monday morning he would have [another attorney] call me because she had more experience in this field. [This attorney] spent 30 minutes on the phone with me bringing me from hysterical to reassured. He wasn't even going to be the attorney taking my case, but he wanted to call to assure me they were there for me! Attorneys outside of LegalShield don't do that for their clients. 

First thing Monday morning, [my attorney] called and went over everything and again reassured me I would be given the best service. I felt like my world was spinning out of control and [she] stepped in and took the wheel to regain control for me. 

The state investigation lasted 3 months! Not only did they look at me as a day care provider but as a mother as well. My two oldest boys are grown and in college, but my youngest is only 4 years old and I'm raising him 100% on my own. My biggest fear was that the State would knock on my door and take him away pending this investigation. I was constantly looking over my shoulder; I was unable to sleep well and my stress was through the roof. When I shared this with [my attorney] her reply was, "I want you to sleep - let me stay up and worry about this, that's my job." When I found myself worrying, I remembered her words and relaxed knowing I had the best on my side. 

When I was questioned by the investigator in MY ATTORNEYS OFFICE, [she] did not put up with any nonsense from the questions being asked. I wish everyone could have seen her put her foot down, making him stay within his legal boundaries. Without legal representation I never would have known what I should/shouldn't answer. 

On February 9, I received a call from [my attorney] telling me I had been cleared of any and all charges. She was as happy and excited to tell me as I was to hear it. For 3 months I held my breath, and at that moment I felt the air start to fill my lungs again while tears filled my eyes. When I thanked [her] and told her that she had just given me my life back her reply was, "You always had your life, I just held your hand until you knew it." My gratitude for so many things was at an all time high! I asked [her] what I could do for her as a thank you for all she had done and she said, "You just did it." Saying thank you just isn't enough. I received a level of quality care that I doubt the rich and famous get, and I got ALL of it for $26 a month! [My attorney] isn't just an attorney working at a Provider Law Firm, she has a true passion for LegalShield and what the service represents. 

Anyone working with children needs this membership! My life was turned upside down by an 11-year-old telling lies. I can't imagine the mental stress or potential outcome without LegalShield! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your vision for this company and I thank you for the quality you insist on for the Provider Law Firms out there, especially with [my attorney]! 
Worry Less, Live More
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