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 It's pretty amazing, really. 

Our company has been "the best kept secret" in North America for 40 years now. In that period of time, well over 150 have earned $1 Million+ dollars from home; between 400-600 have built a 6-figure income (some personally, some passively), and over 30,000 are now enjoying PURE residual income which can be willed to their children and grandchildren...based on members they enrolled ONCE. We have over 1,000 individuals and families who earn $50K per year and more, and MOST are part-time. 

That's what's already happened. 


That's fact; not projection, hype or, "We plan on _____."

These phenomenal stats are based upon only 1.5 million households who have our membership today. 97% of the folks out there don't even know we exist... yet. 

That's about to change FAST. The SECRET is getting out. Soon, it will be spreading exponentially. Very, very quickly. 

The biggest wave of growth our industry has ever seen is about to occur within our company. All the 3rd party marketing research shows we will grow from 1.5 million households to 30 million within the next few years....then to around 86 million by the time we reach our peak. 

A national media campaign is about to begin, which means the "unawares" will soon become aware, and they'll be looking for information on how to enroll. What if you were that person?

Over the years, like with anything, people have come and people have gone. Lets face it - the divorce rate these days is pretty high, too, because most have the attention span of a gnat in our "what's in it for me" society. All good. 

We are looking for folks who have a desire to create a LEGACY... For folks who want to own stake in creating positive change for the masses... folks who want to be a part of history in the making. We are looking for those who want to be part of something important which is so much bigger than just them alone. 

We are revolutionizing the legal system and making equal access to justice a reality for the majority who can't afford to participate in it now. That's significant; it's an important mission. 

If you're someone who has always known you were put on this planet to do BIG things with your life, learn more about LegalShield today. I would like to work with you. 

I'd like to work with yo 
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