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Category: Member Story of the Day

 'REAL Results' Member Story of the Day - ANYWHERE in the U.S.:

“Yay! I got to squeeze more value out of my LegalShield membership again! Like many business owners I was solicited to advertise in a fundraising print that may or may not have been a profitable business decision. Either way, if Oprah can use attorneys for contract reviews before she signs... so can I. After I requested the company t

o email me their contract, I forwarded it to LegalShield for review. After speaking with my Washington law firm, they said the contract was under Oregon jurisdiction because that’s where the ad company was located... my business attorney forwarded the docs to my Oregon law firm who was very thorough and pleasantly warned me of 3 stipulations in their contract, one of which, was a standard sentence missing from the contract that could have cost me more the original ad fee. Wow! Every business owner should have this! I didn't get a bill, co-pay, nothing... I'm a member & my membership is current, they didn't know my bank account balance but my attorneys treated me like Oprah and saved me from making a big mistake. Thanks again LegalShield.”
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