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Posted: Thu 14 January 2010 - 2 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: blogging

Here's an awesome WordPress blog
tip that gives you a proven method
of getting all the subscribers you
want without spending an extra
dime on blog traffic
(this will blow you away)... 

1. Use an unblockable popup window that
  shows your blog visitor a "micro"
  squeeze page when they go to leave...

2. Make sure your first email asks
  your new subscribers how you can
  help them...

3. Send your new subscribers a
  60/40 split of content and offers
  at least 4 times a week (or more!)...

I learned this awesome trick when
I first started blogging and it
works for me, every time...

And there is one more secret
you have to know if you really
want to get the most out of this

Take a look, you'll be glad
you did...

alex alaska p

This might only be up for a limited
time, so don't wait till tomorrow
to take a peek!...

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