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Tim Video market­ing or Blogs­ what is you­r main focus­ going into ­2013?
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Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups , Global Business Consulting and Networking , MLM Social Service , MLMSocial Lead Generation Mastermind
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Video market­ing or Blogs­ what is you­r main focus­ going into ­2013?
Updated: 8 year(s) ago

MLM Distributor
Basic Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Birthday: (59 years old)
Relationship Status:
I am an MLM Distributor
Contact Information
My Company:
My Company :
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My Website:
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Education and Work
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Life Plus International
My Expertise:
Having experience in Corporate and Small Business with Global Focus for the past 18 years has enabled me to forge many relationships.

My main goal for the past few years has been focusing on getting me centered and happy in the now. I always meet the goals of which I can visualize.

Mind Allies studying Alpha Influence with Ryan Angelo and Nick Hubner , Level 5 Mentoring with Brian Ridgeway, allowed me to accept the fact that I am an Empathic Coach who encourages others to achieve their goals.

What You Need Most Right Now:
Customers who want to save and make money by using Our Branded Toolbar. | Master Mind Partner | Managers | Coordinators | Directors | Affiliates

Contact me now. (use call back feature)

High School:
H.B. Plant High School Tampa Florida Class of 79
VP-DECA | Marketing and Merchandising | Entrepreneurial Focus
St. Pete College - Clearwater Campus
Professional Pilot / Aviation Administration

College of the Universal Soul
Executive with American Express since May 2001
Analyst, Operations
Personal Information
About Me:
Know how to listen others with full engagement at others energy level. Am awake discerning light elemental that enjoys variety. Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner who comes from prior self destructive point of view that understands as well as empathizes with others on a energetic level. Happy in the now with a clear vision for the future. Enjoys time contemplating all the big data that flows so freely through the wifi of today.
Activities and Interests:
Spiritual Enlightenment
Metaphysical Reading
Volunteering where led to.
Giving Time to Engaged Others
Entrepreneur Start Up Consulting
Community Referral Shop Local Awareness
Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
Have been mentored by...
Robert Colgan / Larry Winters - AMWAY 1990-1992
Joe Schroeder 1995 - 1997
Diane Hockman 2009 -2011
Brian Ridgeway 2011-2012
Ryan Angelo 2011-2013
Stuart Wilde 2011-2012

Favorite Authors:
Stuart Wilde
Brendon Bruchard
Stephen King
Richard Branson
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Favorite Books:
Silent Power, Stuart Wilde
The Stand, Stepehen King
Abundance, Steven Kotler, Peter H Diamandis
The Trick to Money is Having Some , Stuart Wilde
Favorite Quotations:
" Start as you mean to continue " J. Schroeder
Favorite Music:
New Age | Classical to Classic Rock
Favorite Movies:
Second Hand Lions