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Anthony http://www.a­ussiemarketi­­m
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creative income
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Basic Information
First Name:
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Last Name:
Birthday: (48 years old)
Relationship Status:
Contact Information
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My Website:
My Website :
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south australia
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Education and Work
MLM Experience:
Brand New Business (0-1 years)
My Expertise:
i don't know what i am able to offer as i am still learning myself but if asked i can only suggest what i have self-tought other than that i am sorry if i can't offer anything but a good pair of ears and dedication to learning the art of online income
What You Need Most Right Now:
What i need doesn't really sound nice but what i would like ask (sounds better) would be to find some one that is willing to coach and be productive, i am a great listener and willing to learn very much. i know that it will benafit both parties as i am able to help you grow in return and also to create a great friendship as well as a professional friendship.
High School:
i didn't do much high school i left at a very young age but i took up an apprentaship as a painter and decorater with my father
self employed
Personal Information
About Me:
What can i say well for starters i am an easy going bloke from australia. Down to earth and love the experience of life. I have had alot of wild rides in my time but i also have the blessing of a lovley lady that entred my life 9 years ago. She has been an insperation to me in so many ways and also my best friend. We have to lovley young girls. I am a carer of my family both my wife and youngest and i am on a goverment pension. I am sorry if that offends people but i am an honnest person i speak with honnesty and say it as it is. Im up front and i don't like to beat around the bush i believe that it pays to be honnest and truthful with people. and to teat all people with respect and for it to be shown back just as much. i am on here to learn and be able to support my family with a better standard of living and to be able to provide for them as i should
Activities and Interests:
my intrests are my family, kids, remote control cars etc, surfing, fishing, camping,
Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
i am unaware of any sorry
Favorite Authors:
steven king
Favorite Books:
all types
Favorite Quotations:
you don't know what you got until it's gone.
at the end of the day we all bleed, piss, n shit the same.
what is gone is lost? But what is lost can also be found.
there are no such things as strangers in life it's just people you haven't met yet.
Favorite Music:
have a variety of types
Favorite Movies:
all sorts
Favorite TV Shows:
thats a hard 1 to answer as ther are so many