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Charles We are devel­oping our ne­w Social - h­ttp://hbctot­­ - Come Be A­ Part -...
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We are devel­oping our ne­w Social - h­ttp://hbctot­­ - Come Be A­ Part -...
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I'm 38---ooops 39 years old and live in the beautiful state of Kentucky. I've been married to my awesome wife Diana for a little over 3 years now. Together, we are sharing in the enjoyment (clear throat) of raising 4 wonderful children. It's been a very interesting year! That being said, my family is my world and my motivation!

For years I entertained the notion of starting my own business. I'd come up with an idea, get excited, tell everybody and then... :(

But then, I came online....woohoo!! I started getting all kinds of offers from folks I didn't even know, wanting to give me a position in their company making more than I could ever imagine for which I wouldn't have to do a single thing, just sign up. SO, I began to sign up for every "offer" I got. I just knew this was it. My dreams were coming true and then... :(

I came to realize that I was like so many other folks that have gotten involved in Network Marketing. I got caught up in the excitement and the hype. Eventually, I learned to do a little advertising and had a little success. But then something occurred to me. All this time I had invested in marketing, I had overlooked the most important aspect, networking!

SINCE THEN, I've come to realize what's really important. It's not the product, the company, or even the money. It is the Relationship (Business and Personal) that is developed when you connect with someone. It's the excitement of meeting someone new from the other side of the globe and realizing that some how you are connected. I've truly met some amazing folks thru networking and have developed great friendships.

This is why I'm here: to share, learn, and grow. So, please feel free to share, learn and grow with me.

Charles Haire
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skype: charles.haire1
twitter: hbctotalaccess
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I love networking and making connections!
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"Where there is Team Work, Success Transforms From A Possibility To A Probability"